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'Tycoon brand' fruits coveted by young consumers

2013-12-06 14:06:57
A unique orange brand has become one of the most coveted fruits in China this winter, though it is sold for five times the average market price -- and is invariably out of stock.

Vancouver's gingerbread village attracts global attention

2013-12-06 10:49:12
Gingerbread houses and their characters are on display at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Vancouver, Canada.

Gentleman farmer

2013-12-06 07:53:28
Every village has its young bright, white hope. WangShenfu was the first boy wonder to step out of his village in Miyun in the Beijing countryside.

China's farm produce prices rise slightly

2013-12-05 13:12:56
Farm produce prices in 36 major Chinese cities rose slightly in the week ending Dec 1 compared with the previous week.

Garlic helps kill contaminants in baby formula

2013-12-05 11:00:54
Garlic can significantly reduce the contamination risk of Cronobacter sakazakii.

Ten Christmas baking ideas

2013-12-05 10:00:56
Ten Christmas baking ideas

DIY classy Christmas cake

2013-12-04 13:10:15
Christmas is coming. Here is the recipe for reindeer fruit cake.

Carl Warner's Christmas foodscape

2013-12-04 10:40:57
Foodscape artist Carl Warner has created a special winter themed scene made from cookies and icing sugar to celebrate Christmas at Ripley's Believe It or Not! Picadilly Circus in London.

Flowery cupcakes

2013-12-02 10:01:52
Cupcakes inspired by flowers and gardens. They can be themed for birthdays, weddings and other occasions.

Handmade chocolate Christmas sweets

2013-12-02 09:33:27
Handmade chocolate Christmas sweets are pictured at the chocolaterie Hammelspring in Hammelspring in the region Uckermark, Germany.

Austrian wine takes a bow at expo

2013-11-30 07:39:47
Austrian winemaker Stefan Potzinger was proud and a little surprised at Prowine China 2013, held in Shanghai for three days in November.

Michelin chef, Chinese

2013-11-30 07:39:47
Thirty-five years in the kitchen and stints at some of the best hotels in Singapore is a winning combination for Mok Kit Keung.

Creative scoops

2013-11-29 07:47:17
This summer, Vivi Dolce started selling its homemade gelato and almost immediately attracted a base of loyal fans who not only bought the frozen treats but also helped publicize the fledgling business.

Tokyo chef makes art with sushi rolls

2013-11-28 09:48:02
Tokyo-based sushi chef Tama-chan creates works of art with rolls of sushi.

Thanksgiving feast

2013-11-27 12:29:14
Thanksgiving dinner choices

Tomato,broccoli and mozzarella salad

2013-11-26 14:19:47
Recipe for tomato,broccoli and mozzarella salad

Bright Food looks to bright future

2013-11-26 07:31:07
Bright Food Group is thinking whether to list its newly acquired foreign assets as the company continues to internationalize and raise brand awareness.

A little bit country, a little bit city

2013-11-25 11:11:40
At first glance, the chef is a departure from the Italian male stereotype. He's more cuddly puppy than smoldering dark-eyed Casanova, and it is not until you taste his food that you are left with no doubt that he's Italian. Very much so.

Talking chocolate with a master

2013-11-25 01:32:25
"You don't look like a chocolatier. Usually, a chocolatier is plump, with a big belly," a reporter says when she meets Philippe Daue, chef chocolatier for the Pacific Rim and China at Godiva, the Belgian luxury chocolate brand.

Germ-free bubbles breed allergen troubles

2013-11-24 14:20:02
These days most American schools ban the old standby lunch, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, because of the severe and occasionally deadly reactions some students have to nuts.