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Steeped in tradition

2013-11-15 09:35:06
A Chinese tea art instructor makes tea at a preview of the first-ever tea auction in Hong Kong at KS Lo Gallery of Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware on Wednesday.

Fuding savors success in white tea

2013-11-15 09:13:40
The aroma of white tea fills the air. It is fresh, pure, light and mellow, intriguing tea lovers who wonder about the vast expanse of Dai-bai and Daffodil Bai tea trees that blossom in Fuding.

Yili looks to Italy for better milk

2013-11-14 10:12:07
Chinese dairy company Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co has formed a "strategic partnership" with Italian peer Sterilgarda Alimenti SpA.

Chinese Food Festival kicks off at UN headquarters

2013-11-14 09:57:26
Chinese Permanent Representative to the United Nations Liu Jieyi speaks during the opening of a promotional event for Chinese cuisine at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

China boosts agriculture innovation to ensure food security

2013-11-12 11:25:37
Xu Jingyu had been growing corn and wheat for a dozen years, but never imagined his saline-alkali soils could produce 500 kilograms of grain per mu.

Stone food in Beijing int'l cultural expo

2013-11-11 10:02:54
Visitors take photos of stone carvings in shape of food during the eighth China Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo in Beijing, capital of China.

A hair's breadth from utopia

2013-11-10 08:00:25
I was still trying to resolve my feelings about the three hairy crabs I'd eaten for lunch - ridiculously rich and sumptuous.

Pigeon, langoustine and cheeks

2013-11-09 08:06:20
Pigeon is delicate, and it takes a good chef to cook it well, especially since it can be easily overdone or undercooked.

A gathering of gourmets

2013-11-09 08:06:20
When one is invited to dine in Beijing with members of the Chaine des Rotisseurs, the oldest international gastronomic society, it's hard not to lick one's lips in anticipation.

A hair's breadth from utopia

2013-11-08 13:59:57
It’s worth shelling out to bring Yangzhou’s ‘slender ladies’ out of the shadows, writes Matt Hodges.

Qingdao Autumn Tea Fair kicks off

2013-11-07 10:56:28
The second China (Qingdao) International Tea Fair kicked off on October 30.

Brussels Beer Challenge held in Belgium

2013-11-07 09:39:19
A beer taster appraises beer during the Brussels Beer Challenge in Liege, Belgium, Nov. 1, 2013.

Glimpse of the kitchen in a Tibetan monastery

2013-11-05 13:31:47
The monastic kitchen often provide yak butter tea during the routine sutra-chanting assembly in the morning and afternoon in the main hall of a monastery.

Olive festival kicks off at N Israel's olive oil factory

2013-11-04 13:35:42
A worker gets fresh extracted olive oil for visitors to have a try during an olive festival at Saba Habib's Olive Oil Factory in Galilee area, north Israel.

Making the case for a plate of Spain

2013-11-02 07:22:07
For one reason or another, Spanish cuisine, arguably the world's hottest thing on the dining table nowadays, finds little place in China's food metropolis, Shanghai.

Back to straits' times

2013-11-02 07:22:07
I have to admit: I get very confused when people talk about Malaysian food. That is because the cuisine is dramatically different in every Malaysian town.

Cafe prints lovers' photos on latte froth

2013-10-30 09:30:26
A Taiwanese coffee chain is offering the option to print photographs of couples onto their latte froth, in celebration of Qixi festival, China's equivalent of Valentine's Day.

Beautiful food

2013-10-30 07:55:17
Audience members take photos of exquisitely prepared dishes at a food festival in Zhengzhou, Henan province, on Oct 29.

Harvest and trade for Chinese Wolfberry in Ningxia

2013-10-28 11:26:10
With the dropping temperature, the harvest and trade for Chinese Wolfberry drew to an end in Zhongning.

GM rice passes safety tests in China

2013-10-28 10:20:24
Researchers at China’s Agricultural University have concluded that testing on transgenic rice has so far brought no abnormalities.