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A savory ride to China's southwest

2013-05-19 07:34:57
A heap of succulent pork ribs smothered in a mixture of red and green fresh chilies, peanuts, and fermented bean sprouts and black beans. The whole party descends upon the dish, chopsticks swooping in on the mouth-watering meat that falls from the bone and elicits smiles of contentment as it is gobbled up.

Chinese food in Jewish world

2013-05-16 09:52:04
Restaurants featuring Chinese food in foreign countries have always been judged whether their dishes keep the original Chinese style or not.

KFC food makes their way to Gaza through tunnels

2013-05-16 09:00:56
People deliver KFC food in the underground tunnel beneath the Gaza-Egypt border in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah on May 15, 2013.

Food safety system

2013-05-15 07:50:41
To do well the jobs that fall within their jurisdiction is what Premier Li Keqiang required of governments at all levels at Monday's State Council meeting.

A tasty way to bake a career

2013-05-13 15:54:16
About 100 underprivileged young people from poverty-stricken regions will be trained in the art of French baking thanks to Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB), a charity program sponsored by the Carrefour Foundation.

HOFEX 2013 kicks off in Hong Kong

2013-05-09 11:12:06
People look at various cocktails displayed at the 15th HOFEX in south China's Hong Kong.

A new mountain treasure

2013-04-28 11:44:37
Chinese chefs have been experimenting with new ingredients for thousands of years, but sometimes they rediscover something old, like truffles, Pauline D. Loh and Guo Anfei find.

Making friends with food

2013-04-27 07:36:18
When you put together two lovers of the culinary arts, from two great food traditions, you could expect an explosion of creative cooking - and a great friendship in the bargain.

'X-treme Chinese' cuisine finds a home in industrial heartland

2013-04-27 07:36:18
Irecently made the trek over to Kwun Tong to check out the new restaurant MC Kitchen, the latest offering from "demon chef" Alvin Leung.

French wine still dominant

2013-04-25 10:55:56
French wines, with their graceful taste and glamorous history, have long been a top preference for Chinese buyers.Rice sets elegant tone for Japanese meal

Zhanjiang seafood haven

2013-04-25 05:42:13
You may not find the name of the city in the latest edition of Lonely Planet China, but there is no question what the main attraction in Zhanjiang is - its seafood.

Exotic Nepal is as close as your plate

2013-04-22 10:06:55
The only "momo" I had heard of before entering this Nepalese restaurant were the famous white peaches with the same name from Okayama prefecture, Japan.

Taste of Tianjin

2013-04-22 10:01:05
If your craving for fancy desserts is fading after too many pretty Western pastries, try revitalizing your taste buds with the Tianjin Hui ethnic specialty branded under the name Guishunzhai.

A county of chefs

2013-04-22 09:37:33
Cantonese cuisine is known all over the world as representative of Chinese food.

Mario themed restaurant opens in Tianjin

2013-04-18 09:01:12
Waiters in the costume of Super Mario, a famous video game character, work at a Mario themed restaurant in Tianjin, north China, April 8, 2013.

Rice, Kazak style

2013-04-10 09:06:37
A plate of pilaf is just the start of a homestyle Central Asian feast, Mike Peters discovers.

Zheng's world on a Beijing plate

2013-04-10 08:02:05
Wang Qilai has been going to the same restaurant for 25 years and he has never been disappointed.

Bites of Italy satisfy in Beijing

2013-04-09 09:05:59
Eatalia in Di'anmen is a fine place for intimate celebrations. From the time you enter, you feel welcome and relaxed.

Dragon's brew is the drink for spring

2013-04-02 09:22:07
The World Health Organization recognizes that green tea is good for health. The Chinese have known the benefits of Dragon Well green tea for more than 1,000 years now

Ai Fruit makes Qingming Festival delicious

2013-04-02 09:07:54
A street vendor on Yincheng street, Dexing city, Jiangxi province removes boiled Ai Fruit from a pot of boiling water.