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Two recipes for autumn regimen

2013-08-12 09:23:04
two recipes for autumn regimen

Quemo dishes up Catalan fiesta fare

2013-08-11 09:04:57
Quemo is Elite Concepts' tribute to the Catalan culture of wining and dining. The name is Spanish for burning, and refers to the many dishes where fire is the spark that leads to magical delights.

Tea time

2013-08-11 08:51:09
Gentle sips and accompanying sweets provide East-meets-West moments in the afternoon.

Stinky tofu in Taipei

2013-08-06 09:23:39
The smellier, the better. That's the rule in Taiwan for stinky tofu, a popular fermented snack that assaults the nose but pleases the palate.

Obesity rate on the increase

2013-08-06 07:09:30
More Chinese people aged 20 to 39 are becoming overweight and their athletic ability is declining, according to a national survey released on Monday.

17th Berlin Beer Festival

2013-08-05 09:45:12
Tourists cheer during the 17th Berlin Beer Festival at the Karl Marx Avenue in Berlin, Germany, on Aug 4, 2013.

New Zealand milk stokes fears

2013-08-05 00:55:11
Chinese producers who bought contaminated batches of whey protein concentrate from New Zealand were recalling products on Sunday.

Tofu factory in Jakarta

2013-08-01 09:59:17
Workers make tofu at a tofu factory in Jakarta.

Eat your way to glowing skin

2013-08-01 09:00:00
Although there is no magic diet that will change your skin overnight, you can have a brighter, clearer and even glowing appearance by eating five kinds of vegetables.

China to regulate TCM market

2013-07-31 10:46:20
The China Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday called on medical ingredient markets nationwide to curb the manufacture and sale of counterfeit traditional Chinese medicine.

Global food prices continue to fall

2013-07-30 10:07:00
Global food prices dropped 2 percent between February and June.

'Terroir Parisien' in Paris

2013-07-30 09:27:46
French Chef Eric Castandet displays daily special made with Orgeval yellow courgettes stuffed with meat in the kitchen of 'Terroir Parisien' in Paris.

Deliveries up as mercury rises

2013-07-29 00:42:10
Owners of restaurants and online shops say they have seen rising demand for their delivery services because of the hot weather.

Top 10 places to buy tea in Beijing

2013-07-26 11:14:38
When you are traveling to Beijing, you should not forget to take home some Chinese tea. It's not only a healthy beverage, but a sip of Chinese culture.

Ice Pub Prague

2013-07-26 09:38:40
The interior of the bar is made of ice, and customers are served with drinks in glasses made of ice.

The first "Anduo Ranch" culinary competition held in Beijing

2013-07-25 10:56:08
The first "Anduo Ranch" Culinary Competition featuring Tibetan cuisines was held over the weekend on July 13th and 14th in Beijing.

Tea tops Laowai's shopping list

2013-07-25 09:49:14
Chinese tea was the most purchased commodity among foreign visitors to Beijing in 2012.

Street food in Jakarta:noodles

2013-07-25 09:35:46
A bowl of noodles is pictured near women buying noodles for lunch from a street food stall in Jakarta.

Food safety insurance for wedding feasts

2013-07-25 07:19:11
Restaurants and caterers will probably respond to pending legislation on food safety by developing a healthy appetite for insurance.

Muslims break their fast during month of Ramadan

2013-07-24 09:37:16
A man distributes food to Muslims as they break their fast during the month of Ramadan in Tehran, Iran.