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Mistura gastronomic fair in Lima

2013-09-06 09:48:41
The fair seeks to promote Peruvian cuisine by showcasing food and products from all over the country.

Diabetes in China may reach 'alert level'

2013-09-05 11:16:55
Diabetes in China may have reached "an alert level," with one in 10 adults having the disease while most patients are unaware of their condition.

Chinese cuisine gains popularity in Namibia

2013-09-05 09:31:33
The Chinese restaurant at the Windhoek Country Club Resort is satisfying people's appetite and cultivates love for Chinese food in the southern African country.

Gourmet food from Gansu

2013-09-04 10:12:56
Food from the Tibetan area of Gansu province combines Tibetan flavours with northwest cooking styles.

China seizes substandard food imports

2013-09-02 14:39:52
Chinese quarantine authorities seized 230 shipments of substandard imported food in July.

Beijing's six best bar streets

2013-09-02 09:46:07
Shichahai Bar Street, formed in 2004, is an elegant retreat from the day located in Beijing's Xicheng district.

Simple delights in Macao cafe

2013-08-31 02:49:35
There is a plethora of dining options in plush five-star surrounds, yet independent restaurants struggle to compete, unable to offer the same salaries and benefits to lure a limited pool of staff.

Black tea from Yunnan and Tibetan buddhism

2013-08-30 09:50:45
Pu'er tea, a kind of quality black tea, is one of the necessaries of Tibetans, and also one of the seven kinds of sacrifices offered to Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism.

Planting base of dragon fruit in SW China

2013-08-29 09:34:35
A worker picks a dragon fruit, or pitaya, at the planting base of an agricultural company in Yuanjiang county, southwest China's Yunnan province.

Farm produce prices continue to rise

2013-08-28 10:36:25
The prices of farm produce in 36 major Chinese cities continued to climb last week, according to official data released Tuesday.

Fairy tale meals

2013-08-28 09:37:52
Fairy tale-styled plates of food created by a Malaysian mother. Samantha Lee's culinary takes on Snoopy, Batman and Lady Gaga make her popular on internet.

Xiangeqing to grow overseas

2013-08-28 07:58:20
High-end restaurant chain Beijing Xiangeqing Co Ltd announced further investments in an overseas expansion drive.

Pavillion Grill opens in Beijing

2013-08-23 13:41:10
Pavillion Grill, seated at the west end of the Workers' Stadium, has just opened a few hundred steps away from Sanlitun.

Tofu factory in Jakarta

2013-08-23 09:46:58
Workers are seen at a tofu factory in Jakarta.

Fruit may protect against lethal aneurysm

2013-08-21 10:39:14
Eating more fruit may decrease your risk of suffering a dangerous vascular condition known as abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Obesity: China's growing concern

2013-08-19 10:18:11
Over 30 percent of China’s adult population is overweight, with nearly 13 percent considered obese.

Drought, heatwaves affect tea plantations in E China

2013-08-19 09:42:09
A farmer shows withered tea leaves in the tea farm near the West Lake in Hangzhou, capital of east China's Zhejiang province.

Exquisite Tibetan cuisine

2013-08-15 09:45:40
Tibetan-style steamed stuffed bun. Traditional Tibetan foods add charm to the week-long Shoton Festival which commenced in August 6, 2013.

Watermelon-eating contest marks Beginning of Autumn

2013-08-14 09:53:54
August 7 is the Beginning of Autumn, or Liqiu, in traditional Chinese calendar.

Hot chocolate may help keep brain healthy

2013-08-12 09:50:05
Drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day may help older people keep their brains healthy.