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5 pharmacies begin to sell baby formula

2013-10-28 07:01:30
Vending machines, discounts used to attract customers, but sales poor.

Honey, it's all organic

2013-10-24 10:47:22
Being a beekeeper is more than just gathering liquid amber when the hives are full, It is making sure colonies of bees are getting along, and that the little insects are happy and contented.

Persimmons in E China enters into harvest season

2013-10-24 09:36:42
Workers arrange the harvested persimmons at Yi'nan county, Linyi city, east China's Shandong province.

Giant fish head with diced hot peppers

2013-10-22 13:22:29
The 23rd Chinese Chef Festival kicked off in Changsha on Saturday.

Classroom-themed restaurant for nostalgic generation

2013-10-21 09:50:14
In recent years, classroom-themed restaurants have been opened in many cities in China, such as Beijing, Fuzhou and Changchun.

Hangzhou's drunken cuisine

2013-10-19 08:27:10
Beijing is huge, and sometimes you can find delightful meals in the most unexpected places.

13 punished for taking milk powder bribes

2013-10-15 10:42:18
Thirteen medical workers in north China's Tianjin Municipality have received punishment for taking bribes from a milk powder producer.

Cute boxed meals

2013-10-15 09:55:01
Children and their parents show the cartoon-shaped boxed meals they made in a kindergarten in Suzhou.

Cheers to the best of Oktoberfest beers

2013-10-13 08:27:02
The arrival of fall's cool weather stimulates our palates in different ways.

Taybeh Oktoberfest beer festival marked in West Bank

2013-10-10 09:16:35
A woman serves beer at the 9th Taybeh Oktoberfest beer festival in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Green tea and pawpaw can prevent diabetes

2013-10-09 11:03:23
Green tea and fermented pawpaw are preventive means for diabetes.

Grape harvest season in France

2013-10-08 10:20:54
Workers from a local winery place collection boxes at a vineyard in Romery village, Marne, France.

China greets harvest days for autumn crops

2013-10-08 09:36:11
East China greets the harvest days for kharif crops and the sowing days for autumn crops during the seven-day National Day holidays.

A southern staple

2013-10-04 01:55:57
In a research report released earlier this year, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization said eating insects could help end food shortages across the world. In fact, it urged people to eat them as a nutritious supplement.

Sky-high ambition on a plate

2013-10-01 10:09:10
The poor taste of airline food is coming under renewed criticism.

Farmers pick autumn tea in C China

2013-09-30 09:59:22
Local farmers started to pick the autumn tea recently.

A season for tea

2013-09-30 09:16:30
Zhaoping is entering its final autumn tea harvesting season.

Tibetan herbs enrich local people

2013-09-26 11:22:32
With a history of over 2,000 years and having cured many people, Tibetan medicine now undertake a new mission: enriching local people.

Farm produce prices continue to rise

2013-09-26 10:01:28
The prices of farm produce in 36 major Chinese cities continued to climb last week.

Beijing Gourmet Culture Carnival kicks off

2013-09-26 09:09:49
The 2013 Beijing Gourmet Culture Carnival kicked off on September 19 in Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park.