US firms report strong growth, profitability in China

2012-10-10 22:20:09

US companies continued to see strong growth and profitability in China last year, the US-China Business Council (USCBC), a leading bilateral business organization, said on Wednesday.

89% of US firms in China 'profitable'

2012-10-10 11:17:46

Two-thirds of companies interviewed by the US-China Business Council said revenue from their operations in China grew by 10 percent or more in the past year.

China 'strongly opposes' US report on telecom firms

2012-10-10 09:24:24

China "strongly opposes" a report that alleged Chinese telecom companies Huawei Technologies and ZTE posed national security threats in the US.

Microsoft launches Kinect in China

2012-10-09 15:14:20

Microsoft Corp unveiled its gaming gadget Kinect for Windows in China on Tuesday, but mainly target at professional developers at the initial stage.

Telecom giants hit back at allegations

2012-10-09 01:39:22

Two telecom giants rejected as "baseless" the findings of a US congressional investigation that accused them of posing a national security risk.
US accusations politicized Protectionism behind groundless US accusation

China, US reach audit inspection agreement

2012-10-08 19:40:35

China has reached an agreement with the US authorities, allowing the latter to observe official auditor inspections in China, Securities Times reported.

Big Apple tempts Chinese buyers

2012-10-08 00:27:53

Affluent Chinese buyers are more likely to seek out Big Apple properties as a way to hang on to their wealth, according to real estate brokers.

Intel to invest in 2 Chinese tech firms

2012-10-06 05:08:17

Two Chinese companies are among 10 investments totaling $40 million that US-based Intel Corp plans to make around the world, the chip maker announced.

Bing seeks big bang in hits

2012-10-05 07:09:19

After reducing the gap with Google in the US market, Microsoft's search engine Bing is beginning to look to China where it expects to gain traction by marketing.

Mayor warns solar tariffs 'may hurt' American jobs

2012-10-05 00:55:28

US tariffs on imports of Chinese-made solar cells for electricity could put American jobs at risk and discourage investment by China.

China overtakes US as biggest customer for VW's luxury vehicles

2012-10-04 07:40:12

China has increasingly replaced the United States as the biggest market for luxury vehicles related to Germany's Volkswagen Group, a senior analyst said.

Lenovo adds PC production in US

2012-10-03 11:08:00

Lenovo Group Ltd, the world's No 2 maker of PCs, said Tuesday that it will begin manufacturing computers in North Carolina next year.