China's sportswear sues Michael Jordan

2013-04-10 06:43:28

China's Qiaodan Sportswear Co Ltd has sued NBA legend Michael Jordan for infringement on right of reputation and claimed 8,000,000 dollars' compensation.

Lottery held to decide who gets American work visa

2013-04-09 11:48:13

Dong Jie says if he doesn't get one he will return to China. Vivian Li says if she fails to get one she will marry her fianc to stay in the United States.

China can 'learn from US on shale gas'

2013-04-08 23:41:59

The success of the shale gas "revolution" in the United States can be copied in other countries, including China, but the difficulties will determine how soon that can be achieved.

Holiday honors ancestors and heralds spring

2013-04-08 11:26:53

New York's Museum of Chinese in America hosted activities on Saturday to acknowledge the traditional Chinese holiday and celebrate the arrival of spring.

Language practitioners meet

2013-04-08 11:41:38

The National Chinese Language Conference, which began on Sunday in Boston, has drawn more participants in this, its sixth year.

Bryant University to open campus in Zhuhai

2013-04-08 11:26:53

Rhode Island's Bryant University has been cultivating a relationship with China for 15 years through study-abroad and exchange programs.

Part of action film to be shot in China

2013-04-04 11:28:04

Part of Transformers 4, a sequel of one of the most popular Hollywood exports ever released in China, will be filmed in the country.

California wines pour on the marketing

2013-04-04 11:28:04

A brand-awareness campaign in China by California wine makers will meet the palates of local oenophiles next week when a bottle-bearing trade delegation from the state visits Beijing and other cities.

Sany turns to NASCAR to fuel sales

2013-04-04 11:28:04

The aim to increase global market share is driving China's biggest maker of construction equipment to the auto-racing circuit in the United States.
Special: Chinese enter prises in US

BYD to build electric bus assembly plant

2013-04-03 11:27:50

BYD will break ground on May 1 for an assembly plant in Lancaster, about 70 miles north of Los Angeles.

Chinese students in US seek prized work visa

2013-04-03 11:27:50

Dong Jie is one of thousands of international students in the US in hot pursuit of an H-1B work visa.

Apple's apology not too late

2013-04-02 18:37:59

Apple CEO Tim Cook's apology to Chinese consumers is better late than never. Apple CEO apologizes over China warranties