After the crash: a legal morass of tough choices

2013-08-06 11:00:19

US law firms are lining up for Chinese clients who survived the Asiana flight 214 crash-landing in San Francisco a month ago and now want legal help across the Pacific Ocean.
Families of crash victims to sue Asiana in the US

Cards make paying global tuition easier

2013-08-06 11:00:19

China UnionPay recently announced a new partnership with peerTransfer that allows Chinese students to pay their tuitions in their home currency online in more than 300 American universities.

US sorghum lifts Chinese spirits

2013-08-06 11:00:19

Increasing alcohol consumption in China tied to the nation's economic expansion is raising the import of US sorghum, a grain used to make baiju, a traditional Chinese spirit.

Smithsonian showcases Asian-Latino links

2013-08-02 11:05:24

This month the Smithsonian Institution presents a festival devoted to the exploration of cultural links between the Asian and Latino communities.

Food program aims to address security

2013-08-02 11:05:24

The University of Minnesota has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine Center on food safety, protection and defense issues.

Lab to explore wireless tech for trains

2013-08-02 11:05:24

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and China South Rail (CSR) have just established a US-based lab to look for breakthroughs in wireless technology on high-speed trains.

Soybean is king in American exports to China

2013-08-02 11:05:24

China imported $13 billion worth of soybeans from the US in 2012, making it the largest single commodity the US exported to China in terms of value, according to US Soybean Export Council China Director Zhang Xiaoping.

HNA flying high into global market

2013-08-02 11:05:24

Hainan Airlines will soon start to fly to their second city in the US - Chicago.

Report: China faces world's worst managerial shortage

2013-08-02 11:05:24

China will experience the most severe managerial shortage in the world in the second half of 2013, continuing a five-year trend, according to a survey of executive search consultants.

US should reclaim 10% share: trade group

2013-08-02 11:05:24

The US should be more aggressive in competing with other nations exporting to China and aim to reclaim 10 percent of those exports by 2015.

Imbalance seen in Sino-US talent exchanges

2013-08-02 09:02:49

China and the United States report a huge imbalance in attracting talented people from the other side, with an expert calling for more talent mobility.

Apple CEO met China Mobile head, talked co-op

2013-08-01 11:11:32

Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday met with the head of China Mobile Ltd , the world's largest mobile carrier by subscribers and the only Chinese carrier that doesn't offer iPhones and iPads.