China, US to hold fourth S&ED in Beijing

2012-04-23 17:45:20

China and the United States will hold the fourth round of their Strategic and Economic Dialogue from May 3 to 4 in Beijing.

Chongqing to open cargo airline linking US, Australia

2012-04-23 13:03:38

Southwest China's Chongqing municipality will soon open an international air cargo route that will link the metropolis with US and Australia.

Top retailers court Chinese customers

2012-04-22 07:35:10

US luxury brands have to attract wealthy tourists from China who like to spend when they travel.

Currency policy a big step: Ma

2012-04-20 11:23:10

The latest moves by China toward opening its capital account will contribute significantly to the global economic rebalancing.

Lagarde says yuan moving in right direction

2012-04-20 11:23:10

Christine Lagarde welcomed China's latest move to widen the trading band for the yuan.

Time ripe for global policies: IMF's Lin

2012-04-20 11:23:10

Countries should seize the moment to do what is necessary to put the global economic crisis behind us.

China's economy could help boost US jobs

2012-04-20 11:23:10

Growing economic demand from China has the "tangible" power to create more jobs in the United States than would otherwise be possible.

US not to levy antidumping duties on Chinese steel wheels

2012-04-18 10:24:46

US not to impose antidumping duties or countervailing duties against imports of steel wheels from China.

China ups US debt holdings

2012-04-17 13:58:50

China's holdings of US Treasuries increased by 1.1 percent to $1.19 trillion in February, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

More US trade friction predicted

2012-04-16 07:22:10

China and the US will experience more trade friction in the high-end manufacturing sector.

US to continue probes into stainless steel sinks from China

2012-04-14 10:27:53

A US federal trade panel determined Friday the US industry was "materially injured" by importing stainless steel sinks from China amid concerns.

China to top US in online retail

2012-04-13 09:38:27

Higher number of Internet users likely to propel fast expansion, report predicts.