Solar power faces eclipse from US tariffs

2012-05-28 03:27:08

Chinese solar panel manufacturers are facing the possibility of stiff new tariffs from the US.

US protectionism retards growth of photovoltaic industry

2012-05-27 15:00:45

The photovoltaic industry is far from overcapacity, but US measures are suppressing the market demand.

US concludes China isn't a currency manipulator

2012-05-27 00:15:30

But US will "press for policy changes that yield greater exchange rate flexibility" in the yuan.

China challenges trade protectionism

2012-05-26 02:42:17

China began its challenge by requesting consultations with the US through the WTO to resolve the dispute.

US Treasury: China not currency manipulator

2012-05-26 02:06:08

The US Treasury Department said on Friday China has not met standards of a currency manipulator.

2012 Wall Street China Forum

2012-05-25 04:52:31

Representatives of dozens of Chinese and US companies gathered for the 2012 Wall Street China Forum on May 15 in New York.

Panel discusses China, US and the Global Economy

2012-05-25 04:52:06

Panelists tackled China-US ties and the global economy at a May 22 discussion hosted by the pro-growth New York Forum.

Asia-Pacific group draws congresswoman's praise

2012-05-25 04:52:06

Xiao Wunan, executive vice-chairman of the Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation, was recognized recently for the organization's "commitment to promote comprehensive social, economic and cultural development between the United States and the Asia-Pacific region".

Facebook told analysts to cut forecasts

2012-05-24 11:10:12

Facebook Inc advised analysts for underwriters to reduce revenue and earnings forecasts before the company's IPO.

Alibaba to repurchase shares from Yahoo

2012-05-22 07:47:52

Alibaba announced it would buy back some 20 percent of its equity from Yahoo Inc for about $7.1 billion.

IBM builds smart tech center in S China

2012-05-21 09:59:11

IBM Corporation has set up a center in Hainan province to focus on the development of smart information technology.

Google wins approval for Motorola deal

2012-05-21 09:44:30

Google Inc won approval from Chinese regulators for its $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc, the Ministry of Commerce said in a statement.