Across America: Nanjing signs deal with Berkeley

2012-04-07 00:36:28

Hong Yinxing, chancellor and professor of economics with Nanjing University, signs a campus-wide exchange agreement with Professor Robert Birgeneau, also chancellor of UC Berkeley on April 5.

Tencent ducks media questions concerning Walt Disney deal

2012-04-06 07:50:34

The pudgy penguin, the icon of Tencent Holdings Ltd, might join "hands" with Donald Duck in a bid to tap into China's animation industry.

Sino-US university to open

2012-04-06 07:33:00

China's first Sino-US higher education institute will start to admit undergraduate students in 2013.

Shanghai ranked as China's most open city

2012-04-01 22:57:12

Shanghai is the most open city in China for its deep involvement in developing an export-oriented economy.

Coca-Cola to expand production scale in China

2012-04-01 16:17:11

The world's top soft drink producer Coca-Cola will expand its production scale over the next 10 years in China.

Liquidation blocked for iPad dispute company

2012-04-01 01:21:30

A Chinese court blocked a request to liquidate the financially ailing Proview Technology (Shenzhen).

Apple porn apps trigger users' anger

2012-03-30 13:27:12

A large quantity of porn content found in Apple's online App Store, with some parents calling for strengthened requirements for mobile applications.

The exports boom to China continues

2012-03-30 11:01:57

"International trade is incredibly important to the state of Washington, and China is now our top market for exports," said Washington Lieutenant Governor.

Coca-Cola's largest bottling plant opened

2012-03-30 07:31:36

The plant in Liaoning will greatly improve the beverage giant's local distribution capabilities.

Apple CEO visits iPhone factory in China

2012-03-29 11:04:11

Apple CEO Tim Cook visits a newly completed iPhone production line at a factory operated by the Foxconn Technology Group in Zhengzhou, Central China's Henan province in China on Wednesday March 28, 2012. The factory has 120,000 workers. [Provided to China Daily]

US exports to China surpass $100 billion

2012-03-29 10:54:34

Thirty US states now counting China as one of their top three export markets.

Hi-ho, it's off to work they go at Disney

2012-03-28 07:28:21

Local jobseekers have responded enthusiastically to the first round of hiring for Shanghai Disney Resort due to open in 2015.