Guggenheim gets $10 m grant for new art

2013-03-20 10:56:16

New York's Guggenheim Museum will receive a $10 million grant from the Hong Kong-based Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation to commission art from China.

Payment cards big deal in China

2013-03-20 10:56:16

A dramatic increase in the use of payment cards in China in recent years poured nearly $375 billion into the nation's economy, driving up the growth rate by 1.7 percent.

Experts see Chinese tourism to US rising in 2013

2013-03-20 11:04:45

The number of Chinese tourists to the US will rise by about 13 percent this year, aided by aggressive marketing and easier visa procedures.

Language contest's got talent

2013-03-19 10:59:25

Two East Coast universities qualified for the finals of the most famous Chinese-language contest to be held in Beijing this summer.

Cornhusker State opens trade office in Shanghai

2013-03-19 10:59:25

China's hunger for corn, soybeans and meat from Nebraska makes it the Cornhusker State's fourth-largest international trading partner and now home to the state's second overseas trade office.

Vitamin makers may appeal verdict

2013-03-19 10:59:25

A New York jury found two Chinese companies liable for fixing prices of vitamin C sold in the US, but the verdict doesn't necessarily end the unusual case.

Alibaba may cede Yahoo China to US namesake: report

2013-03-18 10:55:54

Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, which has Yahoo Inc as a major investor, is likely to "return" the Yahoo China unit to the US company as early as May.

American, Chinese museums make collaboration priority

2013-03-18 10:55:54

American museums in the 21st century will endeavor to collaborate more with counterparts in China, according to US experts.

Drug maker to appeal US price-fixing fines

2013-03-18 05:53:36

A major Chinese drug maker has said it will appeal massive antitrust fines ordered by a US federal court in New York.

Suntech 'could be sued' over $541m in bonds

2013-03-18 05:42:24

The trustee administering $541 million in bonds from Suntech Power Holdings Co sent the solar company a notice of default on Saturday as the deadline to redeem the notes passed.

Near-extinct turtles return home to Hong Kong

2013-03-15 12:00:03

With its "lucky" gold-yellow head and the rumored cancer-curing properties of its plastron shell, South China's Golden Coin Turtle has in recent years become one of the world's most endangered species of turtles.

Firms desert US stock markets

2013-03-15 12:00:03

Two dozen US-listed Chinese companies have retreated from the US market in the past 15 months, amid scrutiny by US regulators and short-sellers.