Chinese postgraduates flock to US schools

2012-04-13 08:05:03

Postgraduate schools in the US have seen a record-breaking number of Chinese applicants.

Bountiful benefits

2012-04-13 07:42:42

Golden Dragon's new production facility in Alabama will help bolster the state's employment rate.

Extending southern hospitality

2012-04-13 07:42:42

Alabama invites 300 Chinese business executives to explain what life is like in rural America.

US universities benefit from overseas students

2012-04-13 07:23:00

The flood of Chinese students in US is helping its universities balance their budgets.
Chinese postgraduates flock to US schools

US duty on China garlic to stay

2012-04-13 05:16:27

US would maintain the existing anti-dumping duty on fresh garlic from China, despite Beijing's repeated calls for Washington to drop protectionism.

Waiting to see if Titanic 3D will sink

2012-04-11 09:57:17

The box office prospects of James Cameron's latest work, Titanic 3D, have been the most discussed topic among theater managers recently in China.

Noted US name in plastics equipment now made in China

2012-04-11 06:52:29

A Chinese company acquired all of the intellectual property of Hydraulic Press Manufacturing Co and began production in South China.

Mickey Mouse teams up with 'pudgy penguin'

2012-04-11 06:51:44

Mickey Mouse has formed a partnership with its Chinese friend "the pudgy penguin" to tap into China's booming animation industry.

Pepsi increases marketing, R&D after swap in bottling operations

2012-04-10 08:00:49

PepsiCo Inc is putting more effort into marketing, research and development and food development in China.

Nine stand trial for selling fake US degrees

2012-04-10 07:27:31

Nine suspects stood trial at a local court in Beijing on Monday for selling fake degree certificates from universities in the United States.

US food chains help the handicapped

2012-04-09 08:08:33

Papa John's Pizza and Dairy Queen sponsor sports for next five years.

KFC serves up a recipe for successful, safe investment

2012-04-09 08:05:40

Restaurant's parent provided best risk-adjusted return in the past year.