Terry Gou to give 90% of wealth to charity

2013-06-28 14:29:27

Taiwan’s Hon Hai Group Chairman Terry Gou has revealed that he will donate 90 percent of his wealth to the cause of public welfare.

Security guards moonlight as college students

2013-06-25 07:18:57

When 18-year-old Zhang Guoqiang came to Beijing to work as a temporary security guard at the prestigious Peking University in 1994, having only a middle-school diploma, he probably never expected he could go to a top college himself one day.

Yi's history

2013-06-25 03:53:43

Retired academic Yi Zhongtian is embarking on his most ambitious project to date — a series of books detailing thousands of years of Chinese history.

Posh shares fashion experiences in Beijing

2013-06-24 21:23:16

Former Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham showed up at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology on Monday, sharing her experiences in fashion design with young students in the industry.

Lifetime award for Jackie Chan

2013-06-13 02:52:41

Chinese film icon Jackie Chan receives the New York Asian Film Festival's Star Asia Lifetime Achievement Award at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Monday.

Chinese champion fights

2013-04-30 07:29:17

Bullied as a child in Northern Ireland, Christine Lee went on to build a business helping others.

Getting to know Beijing without spending the time

2013-04-30 02:00:45

UK expat Sarah Keenlyside formulated a plan to build a business that focused on making life easier for new arrivals in Beijing, whether they were residents, or tourists.

Chinese billionaire in Africa

2013-04-29 09:11:52

Despite wealth, Han Fang never forgets tough early years in Africa.

Mo Yan says award led to mood swings

2013-04-03 07:19:34

Sharing a stage with J.M. Coetzee, the 2003 Nobel laureate in literature, Mo Yan revealed publicly on Tuesday his mood change after winning his prize.

The signs are good

2013-03-21 08:28:55

Tai Lihua, a CPPCC member and director of the China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe, lost her hearing at 2 but this hasn't stopped her from achieving her dreams。

A fascination with wood

2013-03-10 13:16:43

Old wood is valued in China for its aged patina, its markings and a beauty that lives on long after the tree was felled. Zhao Xu talks to a scholar who has made it his calling to study and treasure wood.

Chinese women inspiring Africa

2013-03-08 11:54:48

Soon after enrolling at the Confucius Institute in Nairobi, Sandra Rwese had a "light-bulb moment" and realized not only had she discovered a new passion in life but also a guiding path to building a successful business. Her fascination with Chinese culture, history and the country's economic rise provided the perfect alchemy for the 38-year-old's success.