US grower helps to boost berry industry in China

2012-08-19 08:35:00

A Texas blueberry grower finds a lot to like in China as he helps give a boost to a new industry.

On the trail of a mythical beast

2012-08-16 07:48:35

One man has made it his life mission to track down the mysterious 'Wildman' that is said to be roaming the mountains of Shennongjia.

Guardian of the forest

2012-08-15 08:13:38

It's been a decades-long habit of 85-year-old Bao Shouguo to grab a stick and a knife and head for the hills every morning.

One of life's survivors

2012-08-14 07:36:11

Cheng Yinbao, a former soldier during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, refuses her township government's subsidy and a proffered move to a nursing home.

Piano taking musician to great heights

2012-08-13 20:53:52

German pianist Stefan Aaron has quickly become a famous foreigner in China because of his recent performance — not on stage of but on the Great Wall in Beijing.

We shall overcome

2012-08-13 08:02:55

A total of 282 Chinese sportsmen and women will compete in the London 2012 Paralympic Games from Aug 29 to Sept 9, together with 4,200 other athletes from all over the world.

Collecting memories and medals

2012-08-12 07:50:15

It is not just the athletes who have a passion for Olympic medals. In Shanghai, an old gentleman shares that passionate pursuit.

Men dedicated to time machine

2012-08-09 08:02:41

The nation's master watch and clock makers have emerged from a difficult decade to make the most of the luxury market. Wang Kaihao reports in Tianjin.

Nanny goat's milk best?

2012-08-08 03:03:57

A businessman in Changsha has been feeding his baby girl milk from the goats he has been raising on the roof of his four-story house.

A woman of substance shares the recipe of her success

2012-08-07 08:12:34

A leap of faith some 30 years ago, changed her life. With only 1.70 yuan (27 cents), she started a small stall selling porridge to tourists who started pouring into Shaoshan village, in Hunan province, to visit former chairman Mao Zedong's home.

Back to business after studying abroad

2012-08-06 08:12:26

Chinese students who study overseas and return are increasingly turning to entrepreneurship to make their dreams come true. Zhang Yue reports in Dalian, Liaoning province.

Fok family gives support to Chinese Olympians

2012-08-05 08:10:45

Generations of Foks have given support to Chinese Olympians.