A role of his own

2011-10-09 08:00:06

The 70-year-old hotelier is finely groomed. Clad in a business suit paired with a light-blue tie, he is the image of dapper, low-key style. Peter Sun Bida gives no hint of his illustrious family connections, and Sun Yat-sen's great-grandnephew prefers to skim over the personal details when asked about his ties to the founding father of modern China.

Learning from the lessons of history

2011-10-06 08:03:32

Li Wenting, 20, is the youngest docent at Xi'an Museum and has been on the job for just a few months. But she relishes the fact the museum reflects the long history of a city that was the capital of 13 dynasties over thousands of years.

Man finds meaning as a nurse with own advantages

2011-10-06 08:03:03

Calmness and strength held at emergencies prove helpful for patients

A hobby sealed with a kiss

2011-10-06 08:03:03

For many people, particularly younger generations, the love letter is a tool of the past, an outdated form of communication that is read about only in Jane Austen novels.

A life behind the lens

2011-10-05 11:15:07

Traditional cameras and new models click with longtime photographer.

Face of 'heavenly peace'

2011-10-04 09:31:29

In the early decades of the founding of New China, the portrait image of Chairman Mao Zedong on Tian'anmen Rostrum was changed eight times.

Chinese astronautical experts awarded with honors at IAC

2011-10-03 21:19:35

Two Chinese experts were awarded with international honors at the 62nd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) which opened Monday in South Africa, sources from the China Aerospace Science and technology Corporation said.

Work really is a pain for ticket seller

2011-09-30 07:33:07

What Zhao Yuhua really wants is a shot in the back. Make that several, like a good beating.

Donating in his blood

2011-09-29 08:55:40

Sun Ximeng gets his kicks by picking up blood on the go, heading a mobile collection squad that drives around the city of Zhengzhou, Henan province.

School is where the home is

2011-09-28 08:02:13

When she arrived at Zhaojia Elementary School on a recent rainy Sunday, Ma Lan apologized for wearing a pair of muddy boots.

Put on your shoes and dance

2011-09-28 08:01:07

As retired ballet dancer Ran Yujie was teaching a few moves to a group of women at the Jinan Elderly School, it was the flash of red coming from her bag that caught their attention and triggered their enthusiasm to fulfill long-held wishes.

Getting a 'bang' with his toy

2011-09-27 07:51:21

Just outside a matchbox-shaped factory sits a camouflaged giant, a life-size Soviet era T-62 tank that attracts oohs and aahs when it moves and booms.