An unconventional education

2012-07-05 08:28:51

Planting vegetables, cooking, fishing and dancing are part of the curriculum at a home-schooling system in a small community in Dali, Yunnan province. Zhang Yue reports.

'Foolish old men' transform barren hillsides

2012-06-28 09:06:15

It is said that faith can move mountains. And this appears true in the case of two farmers in northwest China who turned the dusty hillsides into fertile land.

Renowned Chinese actor dies at 94

2012-06-27 15:28:48

Chen Qiang, a veteran actor who is perhaps best known for the villains he portrayed early in his career, has passed away at the age of 94.

Ambassador's wife shows true colors in China

2012-06-23 09:03:13

Ambassadors and diplomats are often invited to attend exhibitions, but in very rare cases they go to exhibitions with their own works.

Dual track

2012-06-22 15:52:08

Kelly Cha wears more hats than most of her peers.

Lofty heights

2012-06-22 15:52:08

After 20 years as an intellectual property lawyer, David Kay decided to take his life in a more creative direction. Kay is the chairman and founder of Yuanfen Flow, an art gallery and what he calls an "incubator", a place for artists to formulate sustainable creative business ventures.

Big man on campus

2012-06-21 08:11:06

Sun Mingming, former tallest basketball player, is going back to school to pursue higher education.

Tang sorry for lying about education

2012-06-20 13:39:52

Tang Jun, the president of Microsoft China Co Ltd from 2002 to 2004, apologized officially to the public for lying about his educational background on June 19.

Fighting to the end

2012-06-20 07:50:15

The life of a 17-year-old boy may end soon because of lymphoma.

He's a human scarecrow

2012-06-19 07:42:34

Sui Guohui leads a team of bird population control officers at Beijing Capital International Airport to ensure safety of flights.

Parenting by the book

2012-06-17 10:43:20

Learning how to be a parent led one new mom to the world of translation, and she tells Meredith Rodriguez that she's learning a lot about herself, too.

Mutual attraction

2012-06-15 08:47:56

When Diane Von Furstenberg was 22 years old and just starting out in the fashion business, she dreamed that one day she would sell a dress to every woman in China.