Thirsting for original taste of French wines

2012-07-21 09:04:17

A grape-picking trip to a vineyard in Champagne, France, two years ago sparked Wang Qiuyun's interest in French wines.

Picture perfect

2012-07-20 16:16:39

Fu Jun focuses so intensely into his camera that he accidentally enters into the frame of the cinematographer.

Scientists find new way to prevent AIDS

2012-07-19 19:26:47

A drug typically used to treat AIDS-triggered lung infections may be able to prevent the reproduction of HIV, Chinese scientists said Thursday.

More than just flights of fancy

2012-07-18 08:12:18

Yu Mengsun has dedicated himself to improving the flight safety of air force pilots in a more than 50-year career.

Kicking the codeine habit

2012-07-17 10:20:11

A high flyer in the corporate world quits her job to set up a center to help teenagers addicted to cough syrup.

Fairy-tale adventure

2012-07-15 07:45:15

His magical stamps of Hans Christian Andersen stories transported him to Denmark for the first-day-of-issue ceremonies.

Bottoms up, Belgium

2012-07-15 07:44:37

Once a software engineer, a multilingual bar owner has evolved into a cultural ambassador for his native land, Mike Peters discovers.

The smell of success

2012-07-12 08:16:09

Dirty toilets and human waste are topics most people stay away from. But one man in Tianshui, Gansu province, is proud to be associated with them.

Devoted doctor

2012-07-11 09:42:25

Many medical personnel have left 'plague island' over the years in search of a better life.

One step at a time

2012-07-08 07:27:45

Chinese-Canadian Tien Ching has helped almost 300 girls from rural areas of Gansu get through school and on to college. But she tells her young proteges that she's not a rich woman spreading inherited "easy money" on charity.

Heroic teacher congratulated on CPC membership

2012-07-07 14:48:56

Officials from the Organization Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee have congratulated heroic teacher Zhang Lili on becoming a party member and urged all other members to learn from her.

Conducting from the heart

2012-07-06 12:29:36

Orchestra leader talks of her stellar rise on the world's classical music stage.