Why the Dalai Lama worries about rebirth

2011-09-26 20:50:41

The 14th Dalai Lama said Saturday he will decide whether to be incarnated when he is "about 90" and that China should have no say in the matter.

Researcher wins 'America's Nobel'

2011-09-26 07:31:36

A Chinese scientist received a prestigious US award over the weekend for the discovery of artemisinin, a drug therapy for malaria that has saved millions of lives across the globe, especially in the developing world.

Looking out for a dog's life

2011-09-25 10:22:53

A Chinese-American entrepreneur pushes better health for pets - and rabies vaccinations for humans.

From Beijing to Santiago City

2011-09-25 09:39:06

Chen Huangchao, 23, tells how he deals with restive kids, cockroaches and piled-up laundry as he travels far to help children in the Philippines get in touch with their Chinese roots.

Chen: environmentalist or just a self-promoter?

2011-09-23 08:09:36

Chen Guangbiao, an entrepreneur who smashed his Mercedes-Benz car on Sept 16, said a lawyer who claimed his behavior was probably illegal actually helped him publicize World Car Free Day.

Blog is his calling card

2011-09-23 07:39:44

It doesn't take a celebrity to attract half a million followers on a micro blog.

Guardian honored to protect the community

2011-09-22 07:24:23

Xiao Linchun's cell phone is never turned off, and when it rings he knows there is an emergency he needs to deal with.

Rider proves she's not just horsing around

2011-09-21 07:58:14

Her training as a ballet dancer has served Tian Yu well in her bid to be a top equestrian.

Gao Ming, video king

2011-09-20 07:46:15

The Beijing-based paike (someone who makes digital videos and shares them online) focuses his lens mostly on the hot spots of society and ordinary people.

Doctor is out collecting herbs

2011-09-16 07:02:09

Gathering herbs for traditional Chinese medicine nearly cost Long Xingchao his life.

Chinese wins Lasker Award for malarial drug discovery

2011-09-15 16:22:40

Pharmacologist Tu Youyou has become the first scientist on the mainland to win America's respected Lasker Award for her discovery of a new approach to malaria treatment.

Wisdom at the end of a brush

2011-09-15 07:30:15

Wu Bin has been teaching calligraphy for 20 years and believes the ancient art still has a role to play in the digital age, when typing on a keyboard is replacing handwriting.