Neither hills, heat nor rabbits

2011-09-06 07:44:36

Luo Xiying's job has cost her more than 40 pairs of shoes and four bicycles.

Former university guard begins study

2011-09-05 09:58:06

Jia Zuosheng, 27-year-old freshman was accepted by the university this year after preparing through self-study and attending lectures during his time spent working as a library security guard at Tsinghua University.

Building a road to revival  

2011-09-01 10:39:24

The roads being reconstructed by workers like Hu Yongtao in the Yushu quake zone are, in turn, the roads to reconstruction in the disaster area.

Lessons in hope and frustration

2011-08-31 07:36:43

The new school term might be the last one Tang Siping will spend with his 1,500 students - all children of migrant workers.

Minding other people's business

2011-08-30 10:46:52

It was a sweltering summer morning and Ding Tao was patrolling the crowded Fuzhou Road in Shanghai, trying to convince shopkeepers to keep their goods off the sidewalk.

Doc the prescription for improved health

2011-08-26 08:11:04

Although Dr Chaoguo has only about 100 kinds of Tibetan medicine, the opening of his clinic in Yege township is offering new hope to the 2,000 herders in Qinghai province.

Keeping cool a matter of life and death for sick boy

2011-08-25 10:17:30

Summer is the most difficult season for 12-year-old Hu Fengyi to endure.Simply put, he can't sweat.

Mystery man rolls out barrels

2011-08-24 10:15:35

For three years, an unknown man had been leaving barrels of drinking water under overpasses for migrant workers and passers-by in Zhengzhou, Henan province.

Inventor prepares big escape

2011-08-23 11:02:15

For the past six months, 22-year-old Liu Feng has been repeating the same action every day and night: jumping off a seven-story building.

Tibet airhostess eyes bright future

2011-08-22 12:04:17

Dressed in Tibetan traditional costume, Dechen Yangzong, China's first Tibetan airhostess, says she is happy to return to her hometown and join Lhasa-based Tibet Airlines.

Stone sculptor's Buddhist devotion

2011-08-22 11:21:16

Many who visit Lhasa's famous Thousand Buddha Cliffside Sculpture on the western side of the Medicine King Mountain are usually immediately drawn to its magnificence and the utter devoutness of Tibetan Buddhist worshippers prostrating themselves over and over again on the ground.

Sacred craft

2011-08-21 09:03:26

Thangka craftsmen have faithfully re-created Tibetan religious icons for generations, passing down the art from masters to apprentices in a heritage chain that still keeps tight links today.