Carrying the winds of change

2012-01-03 08:12:12

The program to transfer officials from one province or region to another began 15 years ago, with each posting being for a three-year period.

People with HIV now live a better life

2012-01-03 08:08:37

A UN Volunteer, who is working with UNAIDS China, has the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of areas.

No promises, but marriage an option

2012-01-01 09:54:38

I'm not going home for the New Year, so I am in Beijing for the arrival of 2012.

A local legend's life recorded

2012-01-01 09:54:15

He frequently traverses beautiful Hongze Lake on a diesel ship, but he rarely enjoys the scenery.

Playing with fire, keeping a cool head

2012-01-01 09:53:35

Gong Pifa has been dealing with bombs for 35 years and gets excited when talking about them.

Fighting fires ignites passion

2011-12-30 09:47:30

Ruan Bingyan established a voluntary fire brigade in 1989 and the team has put out 156 fires for villagers.

Giving back to those who gave

2011-12-29 10:15:08

School helps homeless children learn to be productive in society.

A who's who of hutong

2011-12-28 09:38:55

From 1987 to 2002, Shu Shizhong visited all hutong that he knew of, and in the years since has drawn 30 maps showing the intricate hutong locations and layouts in Beijing.

Weaving new life into an old art

2011-12-27 10:23:26

Liu Weixiang, a master weaver of the Tujia ethnic group in Enshi, Hubei province, is respected for her excellent weaving skills and constant innovation.

Here comes the fuzz

2011-12-23 09:35:00

A chengguan named Song Zhigang  publishes a book about their work, hoping to change people's opinions about the group.

Worth his weight in bronze

2011-12-22 09:43:21

Yi Zelin, a resident from Hubei province, first began fixing bronze ware 23 years ago, and since then has restored nearly 200 cultural relics, including about 100 pieces of bronze.

A very shocking display

2011-12-21 09:27:17

After a shocking display of MAX generator on television, Lu Yulong made up his mind to continue his scientific research without attending university.