Chinese farmer makes an Olympian trek to Games

2012-08-05 08:06:32

Chinese farmer Chen Guanming is picking up litter on the London streets to support the Games.

Capture culture

2012-08-03 07:50:06

Understanding Beijing culture from Westerners' perspectives - that's the aim of 10 short films, shot by a group of undergraduates and graduates from the United States.

Jewels of the sea

2012-08-02 09:17:51

A former finance officer has made it his responsibility to conserve the environment of Xisha Islands. Liu Zhihua reports in Beijing.

Shooting from a new perspective

2012-08-01 07:41:24

War movies are no longer a popular category for jaded audiences, but August First Film Studio, a unit of the Chinese military, has been enhancing the charisma of the genre.

Fired up for success

2012-07-30 07:57:58

A soldier overcomes his limited early education to come to terms with a new generation of tanks.

Man, I feel like a woman

2012-07-29 09:04:42

Spanish photographer Diana Coca tells China Daily that she's been liberated by China's arts community.

Solid soul

2012-07-29 09:01:38

Jazz legend George Benson rocks Macao's Venetian Theater and tells why digital downloading is killing the industry for established recording artists.

Chasing his dream, step by step

2012-07-26 08:01:20

A former coal miner who has been hiking across China since he retired in 2005 has further travel plans. Xu Wei learns more in Chongqing.

Cao Kites flying high

2012-07-25 07:16:26

A chance encounter with an unpublished book has turned out to be a life-changing experience for one family.

More China Face stories

2012-07-24 13:45:24

A link to the collection of China Face stories published earlier.

Amateur's bomb-defusing device a success

2012-07-24 07:32:50

After working for eight years, Ji Xingang's bomb-defusing device is now used by many public security bureaus, fire stations, as well as oil and gas companies throughout China.

Artist recalls teaching ceramics in Lesotho

2012-07-21 10:04:24

The 53-year-old senior artist with the Guangdong Bolin Ceramic Research Institute helps teach people in Africa how to make ceramic items.