You are getting very very sleeeepy

2011-10-26 07:29:00

"Imagine you are at a party. A tall guy in the same major approaches you," the hypnotist said in a deep, quiet voice to a boy sitting next to him.

Handicapped street artist

2011-10-25 07:41:05

Cui Xianren, who was severely injured in an explosion, earns money by writing characters with chalk on the streets.

Man plants trees to rise from ashes of poverty

2011-10-22 11:15:54

When asked how much money he had spent on building a new house, Ma Yongxiang answered, "180,000 yuan ($28,000)". He gave his proud reply while sitting in the living room of his newly built house, which has nine rooms and two yards.

Collector has the run of the hill

2011-10-21 10:08:47

His dreams of long-distance running gone, Hou Jinlin has turned to racing cable cars up and down a hill.

Just ask the professor

2011-10-20 11:04:27

Asking Li Zhi a question is like clicking on the "search" button in Wikipedia.

With a little wine at work

2011-10-19 08:37:19

Tong Jinping's job is drinking on the job.

Going with the flow

2011-10-18 08:36:23

Just like the water that was redirected through his ancestral village, He Zhaosheng's life has changed streams several times.

When it rains ... he smiles

2011-10-14 08:18:19

Until secondary school, all Ma Qiang knew about tap water was from television and books.

Profs cultivate education to fight hunger

2011-10-14 07:54:39

If the first half of Professor Wu Qinsheng's teaching life was dedicated to China's agriculture research, the second half must belong to Africa and its people.

Smile and your guests will smile with you

2011-10-13 09:07:05

More than 50 years old and just laid off from a steel factory, Lu Zhuheng's tough but peaceful existence was gone.

When life gives you pickles ...

2011-10-12 08:22:50

Before the sun even rises, Auntie Lei is surrounded by waist-high jars.

Warrior spirit of Genghis Khan

2011-10-11 08:27:52

The offspring of Genghis Khan's forces are leading an army of workers building highways and railways in the most inhospitable places in China.