Photographer a picture of charity

2012-06-06 07:45:47

Zeng Yongchuan's photography business doesn't keep him busy, but the two children living in a nearby room do.

Mom takes aim at new weapons

2012-06-05 07:17:42

Firearms tester has fired more than three million rounds in her career.

His dreams, drop by drop

2012-06-03 08:02:26

He is a Travel Channel host, and his program reaches millions across China. But his first love is wine, and food.

Renowed scholar devoted life to classic novel

2012-06-02 07:44:53

Zhou Ruchang, China's leading scholar of the classic novel A Dream of Red Mansions, died at age of 95 at his home at midnight on Thursday.

Work of art

2012-06-01 07:56:19

Gallery owner has no regrets quitting law for her passion.

The sky's the limit

2012-06-01 07:56:19

Beyond standard economic indicators of prosperity, certain industries can be seen as a microcosm of a country's maturity.

Teacher 'king of kids'

2012-06-01 07:28:16

Unlike most of his classmates who rushed into IT or other promising technological businesses, Yin Hongbo went from studying science straight back to kindergarten.

He floats in the air with the greatest of ease

2012-05-31 07:47:43

If something goes wrong with a high-voltage line dozens of meters up in the sky, expect veteran wireman Zhao Wenwu and his team to swing into action.

The termite terminator

2012-05-30 07:24:47

This particular termite trap, which can be buried underground and kills termites within several weeks, has made Zheng famous as it is effective and environmentally friendly.

Gift is music to her ears

2012-05-29 07:07:10

It may have taken him two decades, and the income saved from tons of recycled trash, but Wu Zheng finally fulfilled his wish to buy his wife a piano.

Animal attraction

2012-05-27 07:46:21

Activist gave up a promising TV career to help those who are unable to fend for themselves.

Five saved after mother donates son's organs

2012-05-24 15:39:58

A mother who donated her braindead son's organs to save five strangers has won the respect of millions of Internet users.