Words for the world

2012-10-15 08:12:23

Mo Yan's Noble Prize might ignite an explosion of global interest in Chinese literature.

Drug-fighting customs officer in Guangzhou

2012-10-12 16:57:33

Yang Jie, a customs officer at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, is the only customs worker selected to be a delegate for the 18th CPC National Congress, to be held on Nov 8.

Vintage sounds

2012-10-12 01:46:18

Most people listen to music on their smartphones, MP3 players or tablets. But some prefer vinyl records, Wu Yiyao finds out in Shanghai.

Giving shape to humanity

2012-10-12 01:46:18

Li Xiangqun's first solo show in 34 years of career ran for only 4 days at the National Art Museum of China. And it presented only a handful of sculptures.

Epic musical tells the terrific tale

2012-10-12 01:46:18

He introduced the concept of the highly acclaimed Impression show series, large-scale open-air performance with the real landscape as part of the show.

Threads of change

2012-10-11 07:41:33

Wen Fang partners with underprivileged women to transform their traditional needlework into contemporary artwork.

Her life is death

2012-10-10 07:53:09

Death is Chen Jiao's life. The 25-year-old embalmer believes she shares a special relationship with those she prepares for funerals.

Writing on the Wall

2012-10-09 07:31:47

Adventurer, researcher and Great Wall expert Dong Yaohui is penning the ancient bulwark's most comprehensive chronicle.

Russian families embrace Chinese culture

2012-10-05 01:00:18

The National Day holiday saw about 50 Russian families travel to Beijing, many on their first visit to China.

In sickness and in health

2012-09-30 08:07:32

Jin Qianying, 73, and her 80-year-old husband Wang Binglian have lived in a ward in the inpatient department of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang province, for almost 20 years as Wang relies on hemodialysis to survive since he suffered renal failure. Jin refuses to leave her husband's side and she has lived in the hospital with him all these years, taking care of him.

Thoughts of home span oceans, years

2012-09-28 08:03:43

On a September afternoon, a young man walked out of a toy store with a bag in his hand, heading quickly toward the post office in Zhuanghe, a small port city in Northeast China's Liaoning province.

Journey of discovery

2012-09-27 08:00:12

Dressed in an olive green army uniform, a middle-aged man jumps about with a toy gun in his hand, relishing his childhood memory of pretending to be a soldier.