Stabbed student carries on 

2011-11-08 07:15:13

The university student was stabbed multiple times in his chest and leg when trying to help a classmate during a fight seven years ago.

Helping new moms

2011-11-04 08:34:42

More and more mothers began breastfeeding, leading to the birth of lactation consultants.

Bringing the dead back home

2011-11-03 07:51:08

Zhang Deyang, 47, is about to widen his life as he launches a nationwide database for unidentified bodies.

Granny cleans up Beijing's window

2011-11-02 07:52:15

This 74-year-old granny has never thought of picking up a tangerine peel off the floor by her bedside and throwing it in the dustbin.

Obese boy trying back to normal life

2011-11-01 08:10:00

Le Le stumbled into the second-floor treatment room and immediately slumped into the nearest chair. His forehead was dripping with sweat after climbing the short flight of stairs.

Low carbon mission helps build bridges

2011-11-01 07:53:26

Constantin Holzer, a young PhD candidate with Renmin University of China, never fails to amaze his Chinese students with his proficiency in six languages, especially Chinese.

'Scholar' set to take reins of command

2011-11-01 07:43:39

Chu Kewei's fellow soldiers weren't expecting much when they learned the next recruit was a university grad.

Doctor finds a home in China, and online

2011-10-30 07:49:38

Leaving the rolling green hills of California's serene wine country to head to the Far East was a bitter pill for Dr Richard Saint Cyr to swallow.

Guardian of the relics

2011-10-30 07:48:55

Fan Jinshi didn't set out to be the guardian of the treasures of the Silk Road. When she first went to Dunhuang, Gansu province, the petite archeologist never imagined she would spend a year living alone in the forsaken outpost with no running water, no electricity or even a decent toilet.

Officer sees role as bridge

2011-10-28 07:57:30

Explaining the law to villagers is a major challenge for Du Quantang, a grassroots prosecuting officer in Beijing's Pinggu district.

Writer persists from his wheelchair

2011-10-27 13:41:23

Wang Xueyi is helped by his younger brother onto his wheelchair, on Oct 26, 2011, in Xiji, Ningxia Hui autonomous region.

Desperately seeking refills

2011-10-27 08:24:15

Not everyone would be thrilled like Dong to receive more than 10,000 used ink pen refills.