Three Chinese lauded for contemporary art

2012-11-09 02:36:42

The 2012 Chinese Contemporary Art Awards were announced at the Art Gallery of the Central Academy of Fine Arts on Wednesday.

Trans-Pacific harmonies

2012-11-09 02:36:42

Acclaimed maestro Michael Tilson Thomas will lead the San Francisco Symphony on a six-city, 10-concert tour of Asia in November.

Eight years later, Guo and Fok will dive in the deep end

2012-11-07 03:47:10

Retired four-time Olympic diving champion Guo Jingjing will marry Kenneth Fok Kai-kong, the son of Hong Kong tycoon Timothy Fok Tsun-Ting, in a multi-day, multi-city celebration this weekend.

Co-Art Fest delivers on its utopian promise

2012-11-06 00:48:08

When I first got the invitation of Co-Art Festival, I was curious — and doubtful. The event, founded by former actor Li Yapeng, defines itself as "a utopian event for every participant".

Changing his tune

2012-11-06 00:41:48

Gao Xiaosong thought he might be the right person to comment on cultural and social issues in China and the United States when he was pitching stories in Hollywood in 2006.

Writer Han Suyin dies at 95 in Lausanne

2012-11-05 00:35:47

Chinese-British writer and physician Elizabeth Comber, whose pen name was Han Suyin, died at the age of 95 on Friday in Lausanne.

Dog whisperer

2012-10-28 10:16:09

Dennis Schenk, a certified canine behaviorist from Michigan in the United States, has been training dogs and their handlers for almost 20 years.

An eye on Sci-fi

2012-10-23 00:17:24

Ken Liu's science fiction awards bring global attention to Chinese authors of the genre, Kelly Chung Dawson reports in New York.

Eye in the sky

2012-10-18 08:23:35

Wang Chen, an entrepreneur from Guangdong province's Shenzhen, has spent the past nine years shooting aerial photographs in more than 40 countries, as well as the North and South poles.

Changing his tune

2012-10-17 07:56:11

Yu Kuizhi, one of China's most famous Peking Opera actors, celebrates the 40th anniversary of his initiation into the genre this year.

Growing with the grassroots

2012-10-16 07:48:28

Rather than head to a Fortune 500 firm after graduating from a top university, Shi Lei has staked his fate with poor farmers in a village.

Pushed to the limits

2012-10-15 23:35:03

Fan Meng knows all about pushing himself — and his mother, who has polio — all the way.