NATO conducts 70 air raids in Libya on Saturday

2011-04-04 08:24:27

NATO carried out 70 airstrikes over Libya on Saturday, the western military alliance said on Sunday in its daily report.

Libya's deputy FM flies to Greece

2011-04-03 22:33:43

Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Abdelati Obeidi has crossed from Libya into neighbouring Tunisia and from there flown to the Greek capital.

Syrian president names new PM

2011-04-03 20:18:00

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad appointed former Agriculture Minister Adel Safar to form a new government.

BRICS nations seek joint stance

2011-04-03 09:02:51

Leaders from the five top emerging economies will coordinate their stance on economic issues during a forthcoming bloc summit slated for mid-April.

Civilians killed during NATO airstrike in Libya

2011-04-02 19:54:27

NATO carried out 74 airstrikes in Libya during the first day since taking over full command of military operations from the United States on Thursday.
Libyan govt dismisses rebels' truce offer

Madame Tussaunds Vienna opens

2011-04-02 14:02:04

The Vienna branch of Madame Tussauds opened on Friday at Vienna's Prater Park, becoming the Europe's fourth attraction along with London, Amsterdam and Berlin. Visitors have the opportunity to play around 65 wax stars.

World court ends Georgia's case against Russia

2011-04-02 10:26:54

The United Nations' highest court threw out Georgia's complaint accusing Russia and separatist militias of years of ethnic cleansing in two breakaway Georgian provinces.

Libyan govt dismisses rebels' truce offer

2011-04-02 08:03:41

Gadhafi's government scorned rebel conditions for a nationwide ceasefire, and there was no sign of international diplomatic efforts cooling the conflict.

Ouattara forces fight Gbagbo loyalists, seize state TV station

2011-04-02 07:51:32

Presidential claimant Alassane Ouattara's forces battled loyalists of incumbent Laurent Gbagbo on Friday after attacking his Abidjan residence and seizing control of Cote d'Ivoire's state television, a Ouattara spokesman said.

Yemeni president swears not to step down

2011-04-01 20:21:25

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh pledged to confront the anti-government street protests demanding his immediate resignation.

Opposition sets conditions for cease-fire

2011-04-01 19:59:10

A Libyan opposition leader says the rebels will accept a UN-demanded cease-fire if Gadhafi pulls his forces from all cities and allows peaceful protests.

Gaddafi envoy in Britain for talks

2011-04-01 15:07:04

Libya has sent a senior aide to one of leader Muammar Gaddafi's sons to London for talks with British officials, the Guardian newspaper reported