Middle East Quartet makes no progress

2011-07-12 15:00:08

The Middle East Quartet on Monday failed to achieve any progress on resuming the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks at a meeting in Washington.

Suez Canal operating well

2011-07-12 14:39:54

Suez Canal in June collected $445 million in toll despite recent protests in Suez city, registering a 16 percent year-on-year increase.

US sharpens stance on Assad

2011-07-12 14:25:51

Washington significantly hardened its stance toward Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday.

Somali children die en route to shelter

2011-07-12 11:17:12

More than 360,000 Somali people fleeing civil unrest, drought and hunger are estimated to be living at Dadaab, the biggest refugee camp in the world.

Egypt pipeline station blown up

2011-07-12 10:40:38

Saboteurs blew up an Egyptian gas pipeline distribution station in northern Sinai on Tuesday that supplies natural gas to Israel, the official MENA news agency reported.

NATO allies in Libya exhausted in 90 days

2011-07-12 10:01:21

New US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Monday that some NATO allies operating in Libya could see their forces "exhausted" within 90 days.

Syrian protesters attack foreign embassies

2011-07-12 08:42:20

Syrian government supporters attacked the US Embassy Monday, spray-painting walls with graffiti that called the American ambassador a "dog."

UN to withdraw force in Sudan

2011-07-12 06:41:05

The UN Security Council Monday unanimously adopted a resolution to withdraw the UN peacekeeping force in Sudan effective July 11.

Ethiopia says 4.5 million people need food aid

2011-07-11 20:19:57

A government official says an estimated 4.5 million Ethiopians are in need of food assistance, an increase of 40 percent.

Murdoch flies to UK as paper dies, scandal lives

2011-07-11 14:01:55

Rupert Murdoch touched down in London on Sunday to take charge of his media empire's phone-hacking crisis as his best-selling Sunday tabloid, the News of the World, published its last. The scandal lives on despite his sacrifice of the 168-year-old paper at the heart of it.

Libyan rebels must talk to Gadhafi-Paris

2011-07-11 11:00:35

France's defence minister said it was time for Libya's rebels to negotiate with Muammar Gadhafi's government.

Ceremony honors Jews killed 70 years ago

2011-07-10 22:49:37

Poland's president on Sunday apologized again for the murder of hundreds of Jews by their Polish neighbors 70 years ago.