Libya denies report Gadhafi seeking way out

2011-07-06 09:53:17

Muammar Gadhafi is sounding out the possibility of handing over power, a Russian newspaper reported on Tuesday, but the Libyan government denied it was in talks about the veteran leader stepping down.

Somali charged with supporting Al Qaeda

2011-07-06 09:44:56

A Somali man was brought to a US criminal court on Tuesday to face charges of assisting al Qaeda and a militant Somali group.

Libya rebels to hold talks in Turkey

2011-07-06 08:16:16

A leader of the Libyan opposition was scheduled to hold talks in Ankara on Tuesday, shortly after Turkey recognized a rebel council.

Report: 197 migrants feared drowned off Sudan

2011-07-06 08:03:10

Nearly 200 African migrants were feared drowned Tuesday after a boat carrying them to Saudi Arabia caught fire off Sudan's northeastern coast, a semiofficial news agency reported.

China regrets WTO's exports ruling

2011-07-06 06:48:11

China's reinforced administration of certain resources products is in line with the objective of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Iran showcases homegrown arms in war games

2011-07-05 19:53:38

Iran's latest war games have featured the predictable blaze of missile tests and an unexpected peek at underground launch silos. There's one bit of military showmanship, though, that ties it all together: Promoting the Made in Iran label.

Chavez gets hero's welcome after cancer surgery

2011-07-05 18:10:46

President Hugo Chavez received a hero's welcome as he rallied thousands of supporters upon his return to Venezuela, vowing to beat cancer after undergoing surgery in Cuba.

Gaza flotilla activists detained

2011-07-05 17:00:57

Pro-Palestinian activists say two Canadians and an Australian linked to a flotilla that seeks to leave Greece for the Gaza Strip have been detained.

Gadhafi would go in exchange for security -report

2011-07-05 16:16:04

A Russian newspaper said on Tuesday that Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi was willing to give up power in exchange for security guarantees, citing a high-level Russian official.

Fighting intensifies in Yeman, no quick solution

2011-07-05 14:05:07

The Yemeni government has denounced an opposition proposal to form a transitional ruling council, while tens of thousand of Yemenis fled the south as clashes intensified there - no quick solution has yet to be figured out for the crisis in the impoverished Arab country.

Chavez vows to win cancer battle

2011-07-05 10:56:22

Venezuela's ever-theatrical President Hugo Chavez made a surprise homecoming on Monday after cancer surgery in Cuba, thrilling supporters with an emotional pledge to win the fight to regain his health.

Ousted Tunisian leader gets 15-year jail term

2011-07-05 09:34:26

A Tunisian court sentenced Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in absentia on Monday to more than 15 years in prison for illegal possession of drugs and weapons.