UN chief sends new year's message to Chinese

2011-02-02 09:16:29

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon on Tuesday sent a message to the Chinese people to wish them happy new year as the traditional Chinese Spring Festival is around the corner.

Mubarak says will not seek next term

2011-02-02 08:37:36

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak pledged Tuesday that he would not run for the presidency again.

Egyptian army to hold fire as protests swell

2011-02-02 08:25:54

CAIRO - The Egyptian army promised to hold their fire as crowds gathered in central Cairo on Tuesday for a protest they hoped would swell to a million people.

ElBaradei calls on Mubarak to resign

2011-02-01 21:12:21

Egypt's prominent dissident Mohammed ElBaradei called on President Mubarak to step down and leave Egypt in exile, as about 100,000 protesters flooded Tahrir square on Tuesday, reported al Arabiya TV.

Plane carrying Chinese returns to Beijing from Cairo

2011-02-01 18:30:15

Two planes flew 456 more Chinese nationals back to Beijing early Wednesday, allowing them to rejoin their families on the eve of Chinese lunar New Year.

New Egyptian cabinet sworn in

2011-02-01 08:15:49

The new Egyptian cabinet led by Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq was sworn in Jan 31.

Sudan accepts referendum results

2011-01-31 20:07:12

Sudanese Vice-President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha on Monday announced Sudan government's acceptance of south Sudan referendum results which indicated that around 99 percent of the voters have voted in favor of the region' s separation.

Mubarak asks new PM to boost reform, anti-corruption

2011-01-31 09:52:29

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak demanded in a speech Sunday that the new prime minister push forward reform and anti-corruption efforts and restore confidence in the country's economy.

Southern Sudan votes to secede

2011-01-31 09:17:13

Close to 99 percent of southern Sudanese chose to secede from the north in a landmark Jan 9-15 referendum, according to the first complete preliminary results announced on Sunday.

Japanese FM urges Egypt to settle unrest peacefully

2011-01-30 14:49:42

Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara on Sunday called on the Egyptian government to settle ongoing political unrest peacefully.

Protests continue in Egypt although new PM named

2011-01-30 14:11:10

Despite the resignation of the Egyptian government, thousands of protesters defy the curfew, insisting President Hosni Mubarak step down.

Egypt's cabinet officially resigns

2011-01-29 21:14:20

Egypt's cabinet officially resigns during a meeting on Saturday following President Hosni Mubarak's demand early in the day.