EU nations agree on Syria sanctions next week

2011-05-07 09:11:21

The European Union agreed to place sanctions on Syrian officials next week as it tries to halt a government crackdown against protesters, an EU official said Friday.

Ouattara takes oath months after Cote d'Ivoire vote

2011-05-07 08:29:06

Cote d'Ivoire's President Alassane Ouattara took the oath of office Friday, five months after the election that nearly ripped this African nation in two and left hundreds dead when the country's strongman refused to concede defeat.

Al Qaeda confirms Laden' death, vows revenge

2011-05-07 08:14:38

Al Qaida confirmed on Friday that Osama bin Laden was dead, dispelling doubts by some Muslims the group's leader had really been killed by US forces.
Taliban: Laden's death to impetus war

Giving frozen assets to rebels is piracy

2011-05-06 09:22:26

The Libyan government rejected on Thursday US plans to unblock its frozen assets and give them to rebels fighting Muammar Gadhafi.

Castro criticizes killing of Bin Laden

2011-05-06 08:50:23

Fidel Castro criticized the way in which Bin Laden die, saying that he was killed in a situation where he was un-armed with his family.

US insists bin Laden killed during firefight

2011-05-06 08:02:04

US officials sought to keep a lid on growing skepticism over Washington's version of events around Osama bin Laden's death, insisting the al-Qaida leader was killed during a firefight in the compound in Pakistan where he was hiding.

China urges restraint in Libya crisis

2011-05-06 07:43:12

China voiced its opposition to any arbitrary interpretation of the UN Security Council's resolutions on Libya, calling for greater political efforts to reach a cease-fire in the North African country.

Obama visits NYC's Ground Zero

2011-05-06 06:51:02

US President Barack Obama planned to honor victims of the Sept 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on Thursday by laying a wreath at the site of the World Trade Center, where slain terrorist Osama bin Laden changed the course of history in a day of carnage that shook the United States and killed nearly 3,000 people.

Merkel calls for restart of Middle East peace process

2011-05-06 06:29:55

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday called for Israel and the Palestinians to restart peace negotiation "very quickly."

Obama: Bin Laden sea burial 'respectful'

2011-05-06 06:21:42

US President Barack Obama said US forces were "respectful of the body" of Osama bin Laden when they buried his remains at sea, despite criticism from some Muslim clerics that it violated Islamic practice.

Body from 2009 Air France crash in Atlantic raised

2011-05-05 22:38:31

A body from the 2009 Air France crash that killed all 228 people aboard has been raised from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

Pakistan defends intelligence body

2011-05-05 21:04:29

Foreign Secretary of Pakistan said that Inter-Services Intelligence Agency has the potential to combat terrorism.