Experts not fazed by US call for India to 'lead' Asia

2011-07-22 07:41:40

BEIJING - Sino-Indian ties are unlikely to be affected by Washington's attempts to encourage New Delhi to take a stronger role across Asia, experts said.

Obama holds new crisis debt talks with political allies, foes

2011-07-22 07:41:40

WASHINGTON - US lawmakers were scrambling on Thursday to avert a disastrous early August debt default, after President Barack Obama met separately with his top Democratic allies and Republican foes to hammer out a compromise.

Atlantis landing end of an era

2011-07-22 07:41:40

The space shuttle Atlantis glided home through a clear moonlit sky to complete a 13-day cargo run to the International Space Station.

Australia mulls privacy laws

2011-07-22 07:41:40

Australia moved to introduce a legal right to privacy after the phone-hacking scandal in Britain, paving the way for people to sue media.

Gadhafi rallies tribes to battle rebels

2011-07-22 07:41:40

Al-AZIZIYA, Libya - Dozens of horsemen in flowing robes sat on their mounts cheering as men around them fired AK-47s in the air, proclaiming their allegiance to Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi and their readiness to march on the rebel-held western mountains.

Drought, famine hit east Africa

2011-07-21 21:53:20

A wide swathe of east Africa, including Kenya and Ethiopia, has been hit by years of severe drought and the United Nations says two regions of southern Somalia are suffering the worst famine for 20 years, with 3.7 million people facing starvation.

Colombian president's facebook account hacked

2011-07-21 14:31:43

The Facebook page of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was hacked Wednesday, also the country's Independence Day, the president said via Twitter.

Argentina creates forum to study China

2011-07-21 13:46:30

Argentine experts have created a forum called the Observatory of the Chinese Economy (OCE) to improve their understanding of changes in China due to its growing global importance.

Israelis pitch tents to protest house prices

2011-07-21 11:32:07

Hundreds of students have pitched tents on one of Israel's most expensive promenades to protest against property prices, spurring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's conservative government to free up state-owned land.

Egypt says no to foreign election monitors

2011-07-21 11:19:38

Egypt's ruling generals say foreigners won't be allowed to monitor upcoming elections but there will be Egyptian observers.

Cuba declares success in curbing soil degradation

2011-07-21 10:59:27

Cuba's agriculture ministry said Wednesday the country has made considerable headway in conservations programs aimed at curbing soil degradation that poses a serious threat to food supply.

Afghan, Iraq wars triggering lung ailment

2011-07-21 10:52:43

Some soldiers have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan with an untreatable lung disease that interferes with their ability to do physical exercise, possibly caused by inhaling toxic material, doctors report.