Hamas says not to recognize Israel as a state

2011-05-24 16:55:02

Hamas will not recognize Israel as a state, its representative on Tuesday said in Moscow, according to Interfax news agency.

Al Shabaab suspects arrested in NE Kenya

2011-05-24 16:45:14

Police in Garissa, capital city of North Eastern Province of Kenya, arrested three suspects of Al Shaabab late on Monday

Major Jane Austen manuscript up for sale

2011-05-24 14:28:05

The only major Jane Austen manuscript still in private hands comes up for auction on July 14th, auction house Sotheby's said on Monday.

US Judgment Day forecaster sets new doomsday date

2011-05-24 14:09:23

The evangelical Christian broadcaster whose much-ballyhooed Judgment Day prophecy went conspicuously unfulfilled on Saturday has a simple explanation for what went wrong - he miscalculated.

Iran refinery blast not sabotage - lawmaker

2011-05-24 13:42:33

An explosion at an Iranian oil refinery during a visit by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday was not sabotage and technical problems at the plant were well known.

Blast, fire at Iran refinery as Ahmadinejad visits

2011-05-24 13:42:33

An explosion blamed on a technical problem caused a fire at an oil refinery in Iran during a visit by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

Australian troops at risk of HIV from Iraq

2011-05-24 13:23:46

Australian soldiers and contractors in Iraq might have been exposed to blood-borne diseases such as HIV or hepatitis, as staff at Defense's main hospital unit in the Middle East failed to sterilize surgical equipment properly, local media reported on Tuesday.

Japan sets up expert panel to investigate nuke accident

2011-05-24 13:08:41

The Japanese government on Tuesday decided to establish an independent expert panel to probe into the causes of the ongoing nuclear crisis at the Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant.

Netanyahu repeats Israel cannot return to '67 borders

2011-05-24 12:46:22

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday again rejected US President Barack Obama's vision of a Middle East peace deal based on the country's "indefensible" 1967 borders.

Obama in jubilant Ireland: 'I've come home'

2011-05-24 11:04:03

Obama downed a pint of Guinness with a distant cousin and checked out centuries-old parish records tracing his family to Ireland.

Mexico urges united front in battle for IMF post

2011-05-24 10:32:41

Mexico's central bank chief Agustin Carstens launched his bid to lead the International Monetary Fund, urging developing nations to back a single candidate who can "take the battle to the Europeans."

Rescuers to re-enter NZ mine for the lost 29

2011-05-24 10:26:03

Police and rescue workers have agreed a plan to retrieve the bodies of 29 men who died in one of New Zealand's worst ever mine disasters six months ago.