NATO and Afghan raid kills girl, policeman

2011-05-12 15:55:05

NATO says its troops and Afghan forces mistakenly killed a young girl and a man who turned out to be a police officer during an overnight raid in eastern Afghanistan.

Pakistani officials: US drone strike kills 5

2011-05-12 15:03:26

US missiles killed at least five alleged militants Thursday in a tribal region along the Afghan border - the third such attack since the US killing of Osama bin Laden, Pakistani intelligence officials said.

Bin Laden's wife: I'll stand with you

2011-05-12 14:05:18

Osama bin Laden once gave his wives the option of leaving Afghanistan, but his young Yemeni bride was determined to stay and be "martyred" alongside him.

Syrian tanks shell towns, at least 19 killed

2011-05-12 11:13:41

Syrian tanks shelled residential areas in two towns and at least 19 people were killed across the country, rights campaigners said, as President Bashar al-Assad's forces fought to crush a seven-week uprising.

Israel sticks to F-35 despite possible lag to 2018

2011-05-12 10:41:03

Israel may get its first F-35 warplanes, seen as a bulwark against arch-enemy Iran, from the United States only in 2018 due to production delays, an Israeli newspaper said on Monday.

48 women raped every hour in Congo

2011-05-12 10:41:07

The African nation of Congo has been called the worst place on earth to be a woman. A new study released Wednesday shows that it's even worse than previously thought: 1,152 women are raped every day, a rate equal to 48 per hour.

Costa Rican prisoners take 15 hostages

2011-05-12 10:01:43

A group of prisoners in Costa Rica's La Reforma Jail Centre on Wednesday took 15 hostages including an unknown number of civilians and demanded that authorities set up a safe escape route, official sources said.

'Tower of Babel' rises in Buenos Aires

2011-05-12 09:41:37

A spiraling tower made from thousands of books in dozens of languages is the latest landmark to dot the skyline of Buenos Aires, named the World Book Capital this year.

Rebels: Gadhafi forces pushed back from Misrata

2011-05-12 09:37:43

Pressing to break a two-month siege, rebels in the port city of Misrata said Wednesday they had captured the local airport and pushed Moammar Gadhafi's forces ever further from the city's western outskirts.

Uganda "anti-gay" bill not on parliament agenda

2011-05-12 09:32:54

A Uganda bill that at draft stage had proposed the death penalty for homosexuals who are "repeat offenders" disappeared from the parliament's agenda on Wednesday after severe pressure from foreign activists.

Afghan Taliban resort to massive offensives

2011-05-12 09:29:30

Taliban militants in a new tactic to exert pressure on Afghan government and challenge the Afghan and NATO-led troops have initiated massive attacks since early this month.

More pressure on Pakistani military over bin Laden

2011-05-12 09:27:23

Pakistan's opposition leader accused the powerful spy agency of negligence and incompetence on Wednesday as the country's former president said rogue members of the security establishment may have helped Osama bin Laden hide for years near Islamabad.