Bottle of Champagne sells for world record $43,630

2011-06-06 19:55:24

A bottle of Veuve Clicquot salvaged from a 19th century shipwreck in the Baltic Sea set a world record for Champagne on Friday when it sold for 30,000 euros ($43,630) at an auction in Aland, Finland.

Strauss-Kahn to plead not guilty to sex charges

2011-06-06 19:32:39

Disgraced ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn will plead not guilty on Monday to charges he sexually assaulted a New York hotel maid in a case that cost him his job and a chance at the French presidency.

Japanese retirees ready to risk Fukushima front line

2011-06-06 18:05:20

"I will be dead before cancer gets me," said Yamada, who has organized an unlikely band of more than 270 retirees and older workers eager to work for nothing but the sense of service at the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

Libyan woman who claimed rape leaves for US

2011-06-06 16:57:58

A Libyan woman who claimed she was raped by Gadhafi troops has left Libya on her way to the United States, her sister said Sunday.

Ex-IMF chief due to answer charges in NYC sex case

2011-06-06 16:00:39

Prosecutors have said their evidence against the former International Monetary Fund leader charged with sexually assaulting a Manhattan hotel maid was growing by the day. Defense lawyers, meanwhile, have said they had information that would seriously hurt her credibility.

Syria says 23 killed in Sunday's Golan protest

2011-06-06 15:30:43

Syria said 23 people were killed in Sunday's protest near the Golan Heights, when Israeli troops fired at Palestinian demonstrators who marched to the frontier fence.

US drone strikes kill 14 in NW Pakistan

2011-06-06 13:21:50

The United States pilotless aircraft fired several missiles into Pakistani South Waziristan tribal region early Monday morning killing at least 14 persons, security sources said.

Left-winger Humala has narrow lead in Peru election

2011-06-06 12:39:16

Left-wing former army commander Ollanta Humala had a razor-thin lead over the right-wing daughter of a jailed ex-president in Peru's presidential election on Sunday, partial official results showed.

Leftist Humala wins Peru's presidential runoff

2011-06-06 09:56:24

Ollanta Humala, the left-wing candidate for the nationalist Peru Wins alliance, narrowly wins the second round of Peru's presidential elections Sunday.

Yemen's Saleh comes out of surgery

2011-06-06 09:02:01

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh was recovering from an operation in Saudi Arabia to remove shrapnel from his chest while a truce between his troops and a tribal federation appeared to be holding.

Police break up Indian yoga guru's hunger strike

2011-06-05 10:22:47

Hundreds of police officers swooped down Sunday on the venue of a hunger strike by a charismatic Indian yoga guru and forcibly removed him and thousands of his supporters.

Injured Yemeni leader flies to Saudi for care

2011-06-05 09:40:07

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh left for Saudi Arabia early Sunday to get medical treatment, and has assigned his deputy Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi to run state affairs.
Yemen's Saleh injured in shelling, 7 killed