Rebels say no firm info  on Gadhafi location

2011-08-28 15:01:28

Libya's rebels have no concrete information on the location of Muammar Gadhafi or his sons, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, chairman of the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC), said on Saturday.

China's Wenzhou Trade Group visits Nigeria

2011-08-28 10:11:22

A trade group of 38 businessmen and government officials from East China's Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Provicne visited Nigeria on August 23-27.

Argentine FM to visit China to boost trade ties

2011-08-28 10:09:38

Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman will visit China from Sep 5 to Sep 9, leading a multisectoral delegation to deepen bilateral trade, sources with the Foreign Ministry told Xinhua.

Arabs urge end to bloodshed in Syria

2011-08-28 09:07:57

The Arab League called for an end to bloodshed in Syria that has left thousands of casualties and urged respect for the Syrian people's right to see political, social and economic reforms.

Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant in final testing stages

2011-08-28 09:07:24

Iran announced Saturday that its first nuclear power plant Bushehr is undergoing the final tests.

Chavez to have 3rd chemo session in Venezuela

2011-08-28 08:10:42

President Hugo Chavez will undergo a third round of chemotherapy for cancer at home in Venezuela beginning on Sunday, he said, instead of traveling to Cuba where he had two previous rounds of treatment.

18 killed in Algeria suicide attack: hospital source

2011-08-27 08:58:30

Two suicide bombers hit a military barracks in Algeria on Friday, killing 18 people in one of the deadliest attacks in the North African country in recent years.

Libya rebel fighter groups to merge under one command

2011-08-27 08:15:05

Disparate rebel fighter groups in the Libyan capital will be brought under one command after an interim period and the formation of a new national army.

Rebels moving its govt to Tripoli

2011-08-27 07:56:20

The Libyan rebels' interim government announced it is moving from the country's second city of Benghazi to the capital Tripoli.

UN to allow release of $1.5 bln frozen Libya funds

2011-08-26 08:58:48

The United States and South Africa struck a deal on Thursday to allow the release of $1.5 billion in frozen Libya funds for humanitarian aid and other civilian needs, UN diplomats said on Thursday.

Gadhafi calls on Libyans to march on Tripoli

2011-08-26 08:36:19

Libya's Muammar Gadhafi called on his supporters to march on Tripoli and "purify" the capital of rebels, who he denounced as "rats, crusaders and unbelievers" in a defiant, angry speech that betrayed no hint of despondency.

Libyan rebels to move leadership to Tripoli

2011-08-26 07:32:43

Libyan rebels announced to transfer their leadership from Benghazi to the capital Tripoli. Meanwhile, Muammar Gaddafi called on his supporters to "purify" the capital of rebels.