Libya's top oil official defects - source

2011-05-18 08:51:48

The chairman of Libya's National Oil Corporation has defected from Muammar Gadhafi's administration and fled to neighbouring Tunisia.

Gaddafi to decide enough is enough

2011-05-18 08:31:18

NATO's most senior military official said on Tuesday that it was up to Muammar Gaddafi to decide "enough is enough".

IMF chief under suicide watch at NYC jail

2011-05-18 07:08:03

Strauss-Kahn had not tried to harm himself but that guards were keeping a close watch on him.

Mubarak's wife released but still faces probes

2011-05-18 06:53:49

Ousted President Hosni Mubarak's wife was released from detention on Tuesday after giving up assets but is still being investigated, said an official leading a probe into whether she amassed wealth illegally.

'Spiderman' climbs highest building in Turkey

2011-05-17 23:02:45

French climber Alain Robert, also known as "Spiderman", scales the 261-metres-high (856.3 feet) Sapphire Tower in Istanbul May 17, 2011. Sapphire Tower is Turkey's highest building.

Syria denies mass grave, residents say bodies found

2011-05-17 22:24:18

Villagers near Syria's southern city of Deraa have found two separate graves containing up to 26 bodies, residents said on Tuesday, and activists said the army continued a military assault on the border town of Tel Kelakh.

Egypt releases Mubarak's wife on bail

2011-05-17 21:28:27

Egypt's Assistant Justice Minister for Illicit Gains Authority (IGA) Assem el-Gohari on Tuesday ordered the release of Suzanne Thabet.

Iran sticks to building nuke plants

2011-05-17 19:57:49

The leaders of earthquake-prone Iran have reviewed - and rejected - concerns by the country's top scientists about a plan to build a national nuclear reactor network, according to intelligence shared with The Associated Press.

Egypt's ex-president Mubarak to apologize

2011-05-17 19:23:43

Egyptian former President Hosni Mubarak is likely to make an apology to Egyptians soon, Egypt's Al-Shorouk newspaper reported Tuesday.

NATO hits government targets in Gadhafi stronghold

2011-05-17 18:22:56

NATO airstrikes pounded two government buildings early Tuesday in the Libyan capital, including the interior ministry, setting them on fire and prompting a government spokesman to suggest the ministry was targeted because it contained files on corruption cases against senior members of the Benghazi-based rebel leadership.

Suicide bombing occurs in Kazakh city

2011-05-17 16:19:40

A suspected suicide bombing attack occurred Tuesday in Kazakhstan's northern city of Aktobe, wounding several people, local media reported.

Libya dismisses Gadhafi arrest bid

2011-05-17 13:56:34

The Libyan government dismissed on Monday the UN war crimes court's arrest warrant against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.