US helps Libyan rebels; fighting continues in west

2011-04-29 07:56:54

The United States took steps to throw a financial lifeline to rebels controlling eastern Libya while forces loyal to Muammar Gadhafi focused their firepower on pockets of resistance in the west.

UN urges violence to stop amid Libyan conflict

2011-04-29 06:48:29

Nestor Osorio said Thursday that the Security Council renews its call for a political solution to the ongoing Libyan conflict.

Deadlock in Libya exposes growing rifts

2011-04-28 07:58:42

Military deadlock in Libya has exposed growing international rifts.

12 protesters killed, 160 injured in Yemen

2011-04-28 07:42:36

Death toll from clashes between anti-government protesters and police, government backers in Sanaa rose to 12, and 160 protesters were injured.

Fatah, Hamas reach agreement on reconciliation

2011-04-28 07:13:38

Palestinian rivals Fatah and Hamas on Wednesday signed a preliminary agreement on reconciliation during talks in Cairo.

AU urges NATO to stop attacks on Libyan officials

2011-04-28 07:06:21

The African Union (AU) called on NATO to stop targeting Libyan officials in their air raids.

Al Qaida releases tape from French hostages

2011-04-27 22:45:25

Al Qaeda's north African branch released messages from four French hostages it kidnapped in Niger.

UN, European capitals seek end to Syria violence

2011-04-27 21:41:09

European capitals summoned Syrian ambassadors Wednesday to demand that President Bashar Assad stop gunning down his people.

Jordan confirms Egyptian gas supply halt

2011-04-27 17:38:40

Jordan said Wednesday an attack against a gas pipeline in northern Egyptian border city el Arish led to the halt of natural gas supply to the Arab kingdom.

Gambia recognizes Libyan Transitional Council

2011-04-27 17:14:28

The Gambian government on Wednesday declared recognition of Libya's anti-Gaddafi Transitional National Council.

Consultations over, aids to Libya continue

2011-04-27 16:07:15

International organizations and countries are continuing their consultations over Libya as NATO continues its air strikes on Gaddafi's forces.

Libya officials discuss peace options

2011-04-27 09:53:00

A delegation of Libyan officials is in Venezuela to discuss possible peaceful solutions to the war in the North African country.