NATO airstrikes level Gadhafi's office

2011-04-25 14:28:18

NATO warplanes bombed the residence of Muammar Gadhafi early Monday morning in an attack.

400 inmates escape Afghan prison

2011-04-25 13:30:20

More than 400 inmates - many of them Taliban insurgents - escaped from the main prison in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar overnight through an underground tunnel.

NATO jets strike inside Gadhafi compound

2011-04-25 10:17:48

A NATO airstrike flattened a building inside Muammar Gadhafi's Bab al-Aziziyah compound early on Monday.

Libya conflicts in children's eyes

2011-04-25 09:41:40

A Libyan boy's drawing, showing the flags of Qatar, France, Italy, US and the Kingdom of Libya, is seen in Court Square, Benghazi April 24, 2011.

At least 500 dead in Nigeria election riots

2011-04-25 09:19:17

At least 500 people died in religious rioting that followed Nigeria's presidential election, a civil rights group said Sunday, as volatile state gubernatorial elections loom this week.

Heavy explosions heard in Tripoli

2011-04-25 08:51:12

Strong blasts were heard in Libya 's capital Tripoli late Sunday as unidentified warplanes flew over the downtown, a Xinhua correspondent said.

Arab pushes forward stalled Mideast peace

2011-04-25 08:43:01

Talks on new American and Israeli plans and initiatives to push forward the peace process have increased in the past few weeks.

Saleh to end three-decade Yemen rule

2011-04-25 08:03:02

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has agreed to step down within weeks in return for immunity from prosecution, but protesters said they would keep up their demonstrations until he went.

Misrata under heavy bombardment

2011-04-25 08:03:02

The western Libyan city of Misrata came under heavy bombardment on Sunday by forces loyal to Muammar Gadhafi, a rebel spokesman said.

Mubarak to be moved to military hospital

2011-04-25 06:32:19

Egypt's Prosecutor General Abdel Maguid Mahmoud ordered on Sunday to transfer former President Hosni Mubarak to a military hospital before Tora prison hospital is ready to receive him.

57 killed, dozens injured in Sudan clashes

2011-04-24 22:45:57

At least 57 people were killed and many others were injured in armed clashes between Sudan People 's Liberation Army (SPLA) and defecting forces in south Sudan's Upper Nile State.

Rap music inspires Libyan rebels to defeat Gadhafi

2011-04-24 20:51:55

Rap is more popular than rock and country among the young people in Libya because it expresses anger and frustration.