Bolivia urges citizens to save energy

2011-06-02 15:05:53

Bolivian citizens were encouraged Wednesday to save energy in the winter season, despite the government's promise that reserves will be enough for national supply.

Children's suffering increases amid Yemen instability

2011-06-02 14:36:59

As many kids around the world celebrated International Children's Day, children in Yemen were experiencing hard times due to the instability in the country.

Major panel: Drug war failed; legalize marijuana

2011-06-02 14:12:12

The global war on drugs has failed and governments should explore legalizing marijuana and other controlled substances, according to a commission that includes former heads of state, a former UN secretary-general and a business mogul.

New laws to protect New Zealand's oceans

2011-06-02 13:35:33

A new ocean law that will control oil and gas exploration and seabed mining in New Zealand's exclusive economic zone (EEZ) will come into effect next year, Environment Minister Nick Smith announced Thursday.

25 Pakistani forces killed after cross-border raid

2011-06-02 13:14:00

Twenty-five Pakistani security forces have been killed in fighting in northwest Pakistan after about 200 militants crossed over from Afghanistan and attacked a security checkpost.

'Cooperative' Mladic to face tribunal

2011-06-02 07:43:01

Former Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladic used his power to commit atrocities and he must be held to account.

41 killed in deadly Yemen street battles

2011-06-02 07:17:07

Street battles between Yemeni government and armed tribesmen killed dozens of people in this country teetering on the brink of civil war.

Egypt's Mubarak set to go on trial

2011-06-02 07:04:55

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, overthrown by a popular uprising this year, was ordered on Wednesday to stand trial in August.

Egyptian official denies virginity tests

2011-06-02 06:55:01

A Egyptian official denied comments saying the military had conducted forced "virginity tests" on female protesters in March.

US to boycott world racism conference at UN

2011-06-02 06:37:47

The Obama administration confirmed Wednesday in a letter to a US senator that it will boycott a world conference against racism being held at UN headquarters in September.

W.House probing reports of Google email hacking

2011-06-02 06:27:22

The White House said on Wednesday it was investigating reports that hackers tried to hack into Google email accounts but did not believe US government email accounts were breached in the attack.

Dog rescued after 7 days spent trapped under rock

2011-06-02 06:11:12

Jessie, a 4-year-old Jack Russell terrier trapped for seven days under nearly 50 tons of rock has been freed. Her owner, Steve Porter, spent more than $2,000 to rescue the pup.