Chavez sings, optimistic after 1st week of chemo

2011-07-25 09:27:30

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez sang and recited a poem in honor of independence hero Simon Bolivar on Sunday.

Iran blamed US for killing of scientist

2011-07-25 09:10:27

A senior Iranian official on Sunday blamed the United States and Israel for the killing of an Iranian scientist.

Hotel maid in Strauss-Kahn case speaks out

2011-07-25 07:55:39

The hotel maid who accused former Dominique Strauss-Kahn of attempting to rape her said that he attacked her when she entered his room.

Clashes leave 296 injured in Egypt

2011-07-25 07:50:27

The number of people injured in clashes during Saturday's protests in Cairo rose to 296, official MENA news agency said on Sunday.

North Sudan to launch new currency

2011-07-24 17:52:00

Sudan will start circulating its new currency on Sunday, the central bank said, days after South Sudan started rolling out a currency of its own.

Libya wants more talks with US and rebels

2011-07-23 10:30:07

Libyan representatives are ready to hold more talks with the United States and with rebels.

Ecuador: Illegal boat caught with 357 dead sharks

2011-07-22 09:57:56

Ecuadorean authorities say they have seized 357 dead sharks from a boat that was fishing illegally in the protected waters of the Galapagos Islands national park.

Egypt's new cabinet sworn in

2011-07-22 09:17:24

Egypt's new ministers took the oath of office in front of Hussein Tantawi, head of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, on Thursday, official MENA news agency reported.

Canada sells remaining interests in Chrysler to Fiat

2011-07-22 09:05:35

Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced on Thursday that Canada has sold its remaining interests in Chrysler Group LLC to Fiat for $140 million.

Volcano rakes in tourism cash

2011-07-22 07:41:40

Iceland's volcanoes gained notoriety last year for their ash-spewing ability to ground airlines and make a mess.

Languages on New Guinea vanish without a whisper

2011-07-22 07:41:40

JAYAPURA, Indonesia - Who will speak Iniai in 2050? Or Faiwol? Moskona? Wahgi? Probably nobody, as the languages of New Guinea - the world's greatest linguistic reservoir - are disappearing in a tide of indifference.

Malawi leader urges calm as riots kill 11

2011-07-22 07:41:40

At least 11 people have been killed in clashes between Malawian demonstrators and police during rioting in three cities.