Chinese courts pledge iron hand on terrorism, graft

2016-01-24 00:55:05

Chinese courts on Saturday pledged to hand down harsh punishments on terrorism and secessionist activities in addition to cracking down on graft.

Beijing sets population ceiling of 23 million

2016-01-23 17:49:59

In Beijing's blueprint, high ranking officials said its population should not exceed 23 million by 2020.

Cultural relics in downtown Beijing under protection

2016-01-23 17:44:31

Local officials vowed on Saturday to better protect cultural heritages in downtown Beijing to balance traditional culture and improve living condition for the locals.

Guangdong looks to Taiwan island for economic co-operation

2016-01-23 16:50:44

Guangdong's top political advisor urged political parties, groups, and organizations in the province to further advance their co-operations this year with their counterparts in Taiwan island.

Beijing firmly rejects cyber espionage allegations

2016-01-22 18:35:55

Beijing has categorically denied involvement in cyber espionage and said allegations leveled against Chinese citizens are "ungrounded and serve an ulterior purpose".

New environmental guidelines shift focus

2016-01-22 17:06:33

China's new five-year national development plan expands by two the airborne pollutants targeted for reduction in an effort to control severe smog.

Advisers differ on solutions to reduce traffic in Beijing

2016-01-22 11:54:53

Some members of Beijing CPPCC express concerns on easing the jam by charging congestion fees and limiting use of private cars.

Defenses depend on threat, naval chief says

2016-01-22 08:11:58

The number of the military facilities China builds on its South China Sea islands will depend on the level of threat it faces, the nation's Navy chief told his US counterpart.

Top court upholds record penalty of $26m for water pollution

2016-01-22 08:24:51

A company in Jiangsu province was ordered to pay 160 million yuan ($26 million) in compensation for discharging waste acids into two rivers.

Pakistan university massacre condemned by China

2016-01-21 20:02:58

China "strongly condemns" the terror attack on a university that killed more than 20 people in Pakistan, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Thursday.

China's policy towards foreign investment unchanged

2016-01-21 20:02:58

China won't change its policy of creating a good environment for foreign companies investing in the country, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Thursday.