China punishes 270 court officials in three years

2016-01-03 21:21:50

The Supreme People's Court (SPC) said on Sunday that 270 court officials have been punished for violating the Party code of conduct in the past three years.

China steps up crackdown on food and drug safety crimes

2016-01-03 10:05:08

Chinese authorities have recently unveiled measures to facilitate coordination between administrative and judicial organs in handling food and drug safety cases.

Structural reform to power China's stable growth: Finance minister

2016-01-03 08:55:17

The supply-side structural reform to improve all-factor productivity will help China gather future growth steam, according to the country's finance minister.

PLA 'needs to boost its readiness'

2016-01-04 07:54:58

The People's Liberation Army will need to make significant changes following a historic reshuffle of its branches, according to experts.

37 ministerial level Chinese officials investigated for graft in 2015

2016-01-03 07:35:55

The 37, including 10 from central government and 9 from centrally-administered state-owned enterprises, came from 31 provinces, municipalities and regions.

Test flight to South China Sea reef 'within sovereignty': FM

2016-01-03 06:59:27

A test flight to a newly-built airfield on a South China Sea reef was a matter "completely within China's sovereignty," a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said.

China's top court launches online service platform for lawyers

2016-01-02 14:57:03

China's Supreme People's Court (SPC) has launched an online service platform for lawyers on judicial justice, rule of law and lawyers'rights.

Chinese embassy helps Argentina to deal with massive flooding

2016-01-02 13:57:08

The Chinese Embassy in Argentina on Friday donated drinking water, milk and cleaning water to those affected by massive flooding in Argentina's coastal regions.

No worry necessary over China's second aircraft carrier: expert

2016-01-02 13:27:00

A military expert said construction of China's second aircraft carrier is normal and the scale of China's aircraft carrier development is much smaller than that of the United States and even India.

Book of Xi Jinping's remarks on Party discipline published

2016-01-02 07:17:16

A book containing Xi Jinping's remarks on governing the Communist Party of China (CPC) and strengthening Party discipline and rules has been published.

Xi speech highlights poverty reduction

2016-01-01 11:22:00

President Xi Jinping highlighted poverty reduction and China's international role in his New Year speech Thursday.

China's nuclear policy, strategy consistent: spokesperson

2016-01-01 21:12:14

China's nuclear policy and strategy are consistent, without any changes, Defense Ministry spokesperson Yang Yujun said Friday at a press conference.