Prevention better than cure on the grasslands

2016-03-09 08:19:48

After working as a doctor in Ganzi Tibet autonomous prefecture in Sichuan province for more than 40 years, Pema Yutso has plenty to say about improving medical care in the grassland areas where ethnic Tibetans live.

Infighting a sign of weakened Dalai Lama

2016-03-09 08:19:48

The ongoing infighting amid the election for leader of the Tibetan "government-in-exile" is an indicator of weakened control by the Dalai Lama over the situation, a senior political adviser said on Sunday.

Tianjin learning from fatal warehouse blasts

2016-03-09 08:19:48

We have to learn lessons from this accident and be extremely vigilant about any possible dangers, Tianjin mayor Huang Xingguo said.

New laws enacted to clear the air; joint efforts needed

2016-03-09 09:11:51

China has taken a series of measures to control air pollution. Since 2013, the central government has issued the Action Plan on Air Pollution Prevention and Control, launching a national campaign against smog.

Government mulls update to regulations

2016-03-09 08:41:45

China is revising regulations this year to better protect the interests of religious groups and curb extremism, according to faith leaders.

Hebei shoulders capacity cutbacks

2016-03-09 08:19:48

Beijing's smog-hit neighbor Hebei needs more subsidies to help it reduce overcapacity in its major polluting industries, according to provincial officials.

Laid-off workers gaining new skills

2016-03-09 08:19:48

It was the last working day for Yang Hangming, a blast-furnace worker at Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group Company, but instead of being laid-off, Yang, 46, was sent to work in the human resources department at a privately-owned decorating company.

G20 to 'give world recovery fresh start'

2016-03-09 08:11:31

The G20 summit in China later this year is expected to initiate a new beginning to global economic recovery following the lengthy international sluggishness, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday.

Looking to the new generation

2016-03-09 07:23:54

The government is preparing to further deepen reform of the national policy on planned parenthood to ensure a stable workforce and continued growth.

Li stresses the course for growth

2016-03-09 07:14:59

The government is to continue with its self-reform program and delegation of power to lower levels to boost market vibrancy in central and western areas.

Health chief promises more pediatricians, children's hospitals

2016-03-09 03:59:40

China will significantly increase medical resources for children in the next five years, the head of the National Health and Family Planning Commission said on Tuesday.

Xi: Zero tolerance on election fraud

2016-03-09 03:10:20

President Xi Jinping vowed to show "zero tolerance" toward election fraud when he joined a panel discussion of lawmakers from Hunan province.