Premier urges efforts to develop new economy

2016-03-26 21:12:20

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged efforts to cultivate new growth dynamics and promote the development of new economy.

Lancang-Mekong cooperation enriches countries along the river

2016-03-26 17:30:15

A border railway station which has been in existence for more than 100 years in southwest China's Yunnan province got a new lease on life last year after having been left desolate for a decade.

Achieving 6.5-pct growth 'well within China's reach'

2016-03-26 17:07:01

The continuous slowdown of China's economy does not mean the country will be unable to reach its target of maintaining an at least 6.5-percent growth during the next five years, a former World Bank chief economist said in a newly published commentary.

Chinese navy fleet departs for joint disaster relief drill

2016-03-26 16:41:10

A Chinese navy flotilla, comprising missile frigate Weifang and rescue vessel Changxingdao, left port in Qingdao in east China's Shandong Province on Saturday for blue water training and a multilateral disaster relief exercise in Indonesia.

Chinese ministers plant trees

2016-03-26 15:51:42

A total of 150 Chinese ministerial officials planted trees in Beijing on Saturday morning to help boost awareness of environmental protection.

Former senior Shanxi leader admits guilt

2016-03-25 08:05:33

A former senior official in Shanxi province pleaded guilty on Thursday to taking bribes worth 44.58 million yuan ($6.8 million).

Nation to pave way for change in G20, foreign minister says

2016-03-25 08:05:04

China, which holds the G20 presidency this year, will lead the international forum's transition from a "talking shop" to a "doing shop", Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Thursday.

Li calls for financial cooperation

2016-03-25 02:25:24

Premier Li Keqiang urged Asian economies on Thursday to enhance economic and financial cooperation and dialogue to ward off potential risks and contribute to world economic recovery.

Party, government leaders to be punished for inaction in maintaining public security

2016-03-24 03:44:19

Party and government leaders at all levels will face penalties if they fail to ensure public security,according to a new regulation.

Fighting terrorism online sees big strides

2016-03-24 02:47:28

An online team dedicated to rooting out violence and terrorism on the Internet has made a difference over the past year in ridding cyberspace of improper and illegal content, an official of China's top Internet watchdog said.

China's Xi calls for more studies on Party building

2016-03-24 02:01:14

President Xi Jinping has called on scholars to research Party building and to contribute to the Marxist theory system with Chinese characteristics.

Four ships removed from UN sanctions

2016-03-23 23:44:05

China confirmed on Tuesday that four ships have been removed from the list under new sanctions on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) outlined by a United Nations Security Council resolution early this month.