CMC urges troops to study Xi's remarks on military reform

2016-05-29 19:28:46

The Central Military Commission (CMC) has released a circular urging troops to carefully study CMC Chairman Xi Jinping's remarks on deepening national defense and military reform.

South China Sea issue should be handled in constructive manner: Chinese diplomat

2016-05-29 09:53:43

China's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office at Geneva Ma Zhaoxu stressed on Friday that the South China Sea issue must be resolved peacefully through constructive and meaningful negotiations with neighbouring countries.

Declaration by G7 draws strong rebuke

2016-05-28 06:27:46

China expressed strong dissatisfaction over a declaration issued by the Group of Seven industrialized nations that criticizes China for its sovereignty claims in the South China Sea.

Nanjing should not be forgotten: Chinese FM

2016-05-27 20:16:40

Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday reminded the international community of the scars left by the massacre in Nanjing in 1937.

Young offenders given second chance thanks to fewer prosecutions

2016-05-27 20:11:37

The number of young offenders who were not prosecuted for light offenses has been increasing in recent years, as prosecutors were asked to pay more attention to education while handling youngsters' crimes, China's top prosecuting body said on Friday.

Growing focus on green points to development shift

2016-05-27 07:36:58

The rapid growth of China's environmental industry shows the country's willingness to upgrade its development pattern, an expert at the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi said on Thursday.

Xi inspects troops in NE province

2016-05-27 03:19:01

President Xi Jinping inspected troops in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Beijing finalizes preliminarily work on congestion charge

2016-05-27 12:24:44

Beijing has preliminarily worked out policies on congestion charge for vehicles on a base of the similar experience in Singapore, London and Stockholm.

Mayor answers: 'I'm from the sea'

2016-05-27 07:36:58

Whenever he is asked where he's from, Xiao Jie, the mayor of Sansha, Hainan province, gives a surprising answer: "I'm from the sea."

Beijing plans to list smog as a meteorological disaster

2016-05-27 07:36:58

Beijing included smog as a meteorological disaster in its draft of a new prevention and control regulation that was under review on Thursday.

Sansha seeks to become major tourist attraction

2016-05-27 07:36:58

Journey to China's southernmost city expected to be like a trip to the Maldives

Room seen for added govt debt

2016-05-27 07:36:58

China said on Thursday that its overall government debt level remains controllable and there is still room for further increasing debt.