Social security payment cuts on way

2016-04-12 02:38:18

China will cut social security payment requirements to lower the burden on businesses, and increase efforts to stabilize employment.

G20 sherpa meeting lays solid ground for summit: China

2016-04-11 21:38:08

The second G20 Sherpa Meeting, with substantive discussions on major issues, has laid solid groundwork for the G20 summit that China will host in September, a spokesperson said on Monday.

The overall development plan of Chinese soccer

2016-04-11 17:17:29

Increasing the number of school specializing in soccer education from 8,000 to 20,000.

Hefei official dies after fall from apartment building

2016-04-11 16:54:40

Gao Shudong, vice head of the Anhui Institute of Socialism, was found dead after falling from a building in Hefei, reported Monday morning.

Chinese soccer aims to be among world top teams by 2050

2016-04-11 15:46:32

Chinese soccer is expected to edge its way into the world leading teams by 2050, according to a plan released by China's National Development and Reform Commission.

Former Henan official prosecuted for graft

2016-04-11 14:10:46

Qin Yuhai, former deputy director of the Henan Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee, has been prosecuted for allegedly accepting bribes, the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) said Monday.

Former senior CPC official in NE China indicted for accepting bribes

2016-04-11 11:58:26

Han Xuejian, a former senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, has been prosecuted for allegedly accepting bribes, the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) said Monday.

China's P2P lending lackluster after tightened supervision

2016-04-11 11:22:15

China's online peer-to-peer lending platforms are losing their shine as regulators have tightened supervision to prevent risks.

Envoy to Middle East covers a lot of ground

2016-04-11 08:31:32

Gong Xiaosheng has visited seven countries on three overseas trips, traveling more than 41,000 kilometers in all - and that's just this year.

Envoy looks to objective role in Syria

2016-04-11 04:26:05

Veteran diplomats said the increasing number of envoys comes from China's expanding involvement in global issues and its increasing national interests.

China to deepen SOE reform in 2016

2016-04-11 02:03:24

China will continue to propel its ongoing reform on torpid state-owned enterprises (SOE) this year as part of the efforts to restructure the economy, according to a recent government meeting.

265 prefecture-level officials probed in 2015

2016-04-10 13:31:45

Local disciplinary organs across China investigated 265 prefecture-level officials in 2015, 2.5 times the number in 2014.