White paper stresses religious independence, self-management against "foreign domination"

2016-06-02 14:03:15

China upholds the principle of independence and self-management in religious undertakings and foreign organizations and individuals must not interfere, a white paper said Thursday.

Xinjiang has 24,800 venues for various religions: white paper

2016-06-02 13:10:48

There are 24,800 venues for religious activities in China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, with 29,300 clerical personnel, a government document revealed on Thursday.

White paper defends China's efforts to combat religious extremism

2016-06-02 13:05:33

A government white paper on Thursday defended China's efforts in fighting religious extremism, saying it is a just act to safeguard the fundamental interests of the country and the people.

China issues white paper on freedom of religious belief in Xinjiang

2016-06-02 10:59:28

China on Thursday issued a white paper titled "Freedom of Religious Belief in Xinjiang," saying the freedom of religious belief in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region today "cannot be matched by that in any other historical period."

Xi calls for restraint, dialogue

2016-06-02 02:28:05

China's stance on the Korean Peninsula is consistent and clear, President Xi Jinping told a Democratic People's Republic of Korea delegation, urging those involved to maintain regional peace and stability.

Beijing urges probe in attack on peacekeepers

2016-06-02 02:28:05

Beijing is calling for an immediate and thorough investigation into the attack in Mali on Wednesday that killed one United Nations peacekeeper from China and injured four others, the Foreign Ministry said.

Protecting vulnerable children set as priority

2016-06-02 02:02:48

The State Council decided on Wednesday, which was International Children's Day, to introduce new measures to better protect vulnerable children in China.

Premier Li Keqiang Meets Senior Editors of Asia News Network Members

2016-06-01 21:37:12

On the afternoon of 31 May 2016, Premier Li Keqiang met and had dialogue with senior editors from Asia attending the annual meeting of the Asia News Network (ANN) in China at the Great Hall of the People.

China strongly condemns terrorist attack in Mali

2016-06-01 19:53:50

China on Wednesday condemned the terrorist attack in Mali in which a Chinese peacekeeper was killed and four others were injured.

Beijing's new admin center to remove 2,000 industrial firms in environment cleanup

2016-06-01 18:59:05

More than 2,000 industrial firms will have to move out of a Beijing district as the authorities push to improve the natural environment for what will be the city's new administrative center, Tongzhou District announced Wednesday.

President Xi meets DPRK delegation

2016-06-01 17:12:37

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with a visiting delegation of the Workers' Party of Korea from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea here on Wednesday.

New mandatory textile standards for children's clothing to improve safety

2016-06-01 07:26:47

China's first mandatory national textile standards for children-both infants and older children-will take effect on Wednesday, International Children's Day.